Why Motivation is Important for Success and Happiness

Are you wondering how motivation can help you achieve success and happiness? Motivation is the combination of values, beliefs and desires that drives you to take action. If you are in control of these three motivating factors then you can influence your motivation. Having said that, by identifying what you value as important in your life, you have an excellent chance of achieving success and happiness.

Essentially, your motivation is divided into two motives: internal and external. If you manage to identify what your internal motives are then you are aware of what your needs, thoughts and emotions are as well. On the other hand, external motives refer to your work environment and to what extent it encourages you to be energetic and happy. 

Here are 6 reasons that justify why motivation is so important for you:

#1 Motivation directs behaviour towards goals

Motivation can help you identify and set goals for yourselfm taking into account your personal needs, strengths and weaknesses. These goals direct your behaviour and the steps that you need to take to reach your goal. Let’s say that you have an assessment that will monitor your progress at work tomorrow. Being motivated will help you realise what this test means to you, what your immediate career goals are and will encourage you to prepare in advance.

#2 Motivation leads to increased effort and energy

 You know you are motivated and that you have a passion for your work when you are putting enough effort and energy in what you are doing every day. Everyone can see that you are an enthusiastic individual who is always interested in exploring new things and rarely gets tired at work. If you are motivated you are able to show initiative, responsibility and persistence, which are key qualities for success.

#3 Motivation enhances performance  

Motivation can help you develop your performance on a professional and personal level. When you are motivated you are in a condition that allows you to judge situations and decide which direction to follow; either chase your dreams or try another path. Likewise, if you have a hobby you love e.g. music, it is likely that you practice singing more regularly as a result of enhancing your musical knowledge and performance. 

#4 Motivation helps you have fun along the way 

The journey to success might seem difficult if you aren’t motivated. While it is a long way to happiness, your motivation will help you overcome challenges and give you the courage to move on. When you are motivated you are rarely bored and can therefore enjoy every minute at work. That’s when you have greater chances of attaining better results and achievements in your career. 

In the end, the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve what you set out to do will bring you success and happiness. Find what motivates you and spend more time on that. Take regular breaks to refresh your focus and relax your mind whether you are at home or work. Surround yourself with family members and friends and do more of what makes you happy.

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Always keep it mind that some of the most powerful emotions that can help you retain your motivation include appreciation and gratitude, curiosity, excitement and passion, determination, flexibility and confidence, so work on these whenever you can.