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Disappearing Jobs: 10 Jobs That Won’t Exist in 20 Years


Are worried that your job is disappearing and will soon become obsolete? Here are 10 jobs that won't exist in 20 years mainly due to technological advancements.

Yes, jobs are disappearing; and it is not because the economy is bad but because our world is entering a major transition period. It’s similar to the industrial revolution, only, this time, it is even more drastic than that.

We have talked about how recent technological advances change everything and one of the main reasons jobs are disappearing is because of automation. With artificial intelligence, globalised outsourcing and autonomous machines developing at an accelerated pace it is no longer a secret that numerous jobs are at risk of disappearing over the next 20 years.

Since we cannot do anything to change or stop this situation all can do instead is be aware of the reasons behind these disappearing jobs and do our best to invest in strong and growing positions in the future job market.

Here is a list of jobs that won’t exist in 20 years, so you can be more prepared with your employment skills, education and knowledge and be ready to survive and excel in your career in the future.

#1 Librarian

At the moment, librarians are immensely helpful, providing ideas, pointing you to the right dimension and know everything about huge collections with notable accuracy, something not many search engines can provide as effectively. Online librarian services are the common thing for all universities and schools and now that Google Books and eBooks are legal, it won’t take long for library science to become one of those programs leading to rather than employability options.

#2 Retail Cashier

cashier istock

This is not a shocker as the rise of self-checkout options over the last 5 years is a clear threat for all retail cashiers. This job has always been a low-paying boring employment option. But, it was a great opportunity for teenagers looking for summer jobs, part-time college students or people lacking a college degree but not initiative.

#3 Telemarketer

Another troubled career; although I am not sure this truly offers a career considering the high turnover rates. For those of us who are not a telemarketer, we can finally sing a hallelujah and breath a sigh of relief because telemarketers and their irritating sales methods (sorry, but it’s true) are on their way out! But this is not all good news; even though people will no longer be needed for telemarketing, the industry is far from dying. They will use robots, or replacement robots to annoy or try to sell you useless products all the time; unfortunately, the phone will keep ringing.

#4 Travel Agent

travel agent shutterstock

Even though Bing - the “failed” Google search competitor - is not that famous it does have an amazing feature: a built-in travel website. This innovative software will advise you on whether you should wait on a purchase if they expect it to fall in the future(they estimate price changes from previous data) or lock a deal while it is the cheapest. These travel websites give you suggestions on cheaper travel dates, the best airlines, frequent flyer programs, everything a travel agent would do, only quicker and better. So, in a decade or two, a travel agent won’t be needed.

#5 Postal Worker

In the 19th century, the postal service offered a very stable career with decent salaries and benefits. It currently seems that postal workers are on their way out. Unfortunately, snail mail has almost vanished due to the rise of email. Just think about it: we are now well in 2016, and there aren’t many jobs left in this field; what will happen in two years time? Career prospects for postal workers are relatively dim.

#6 Pilots 

pilot shutterstock

It might be a bit unnerving to consider, but modern piloting is already a heavily automated system with human pilots having minimal manual involvement. The recent technological advances have immensely diminished the engagement of pilots - a recent survey found that Boeing 777 pilots reported having an average of 7 minutes of manual piloting during a flight.

So, it may not be as unnerving as we initially thought - it might be better for us since artificial intelligence removes any possibility of human error.

#7 Word Processor/Typist

No, I am not talking about the computer application, I am talking about the actual job. A recent report found that the number of people working as a word processor in the United States alone decreased by 54% between 2002 and 2012. The downward trend will only continue since cutting-edge technological advances are making the job disappear.

#8 Umpires and Referees 

Umpires and referees alike have been criticised and attacked for making “bad” decisions or “ignoring” some of the game’s rules. Therefore, there has been a rise in the use of computer systems to make calls on games to avoid controversies. FIFA, for example, have recently introduced goal-line technology to help their referees, and as the years go by, more complex systems will be available, and the need for human referees will go down.

#9 Newspaper Delivery

This may be one job which won’t need to be automated since the entire industry is in decline because of the internet. And even though old people argue that screens don’t have the same feel and appeal as paper I am sure the same was said about stone tablets vs. paper a thousand years ago - and there are no tablet carving careers anymore.

With smartphones, tablets and e-readers rising alongside electronic distribution, the entire newspaper distribution (and production) is going down. Everyone is transitioning to the new electronic system: graphic designers, editors, reporters. Therefore, newspaper delivery couriers will no longer be needed because their product will cease to be used in  20 years.

#10 Social Media Manager

Are you surprised to see such a new job on our list? Well, you shouldn’t be because when it comes to this new technological economy we are in easy come, easy go. While our generation is growing up online, social media will get even more integrated into our lives both in our personal and professional life. The dedicated social media experts won’t be necessary anymore as everyone around will have all the skills necessary and no-one will need their services. Social media managers managed to get big as a one-generation gig: they became successful because there were less-savvy, older individuals in charge who needed their advice. So, one of the biggest jobs of this decade will no longer be needed in 10 or 20 years.

Can you think of any other jobs which will become obsolete in a couple of years? Share them below…

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