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WORKPLACE / FEB. 06, 2014
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Do’s & Don’ts: Valentine’s Day at Work

It’s nearly that time of year again. The time when we go all gooey over our partners, fantasise about great romantic gestures, think about the future of our relationships, exchange thoughtful gifts, work up the courage to tell someone we like them or even love them…

Or the time we watch Bridget Jones in our pants while eating the entire contents of our fridges, go out and get magnificently drunk while attempting to pull just about anyone because we’re so desperate and/or stare daggers at anyone who shows the slightest bit of affection to somebody else.

However you plan to spend 14th February this year, there’s no denying that it’s a day that’s buzzing with activity. But it’s also a day when emotions run high. And guess what? It falls on a Friday this year, so that means you’ll most likely be at work.

But what is the V Day etiquette in the workplace?

Do be discreet. You may think it’s an absolutely brilliant idea to send a giant stuffed giraffe to your girlfriend’s office because you had your first date at the zoo and you made that great joke which made her giggle and you were both smitten with each other at that moment and blah blah blah. But think of the plight of the poor singleton. Nobody wants their lack of a love life thrown in their face!

Do carry on as normal. You know what? Your boss doesn’t give a monkey’s that it’s Valentine’s Day. And will most likely consider your sending a hilarious anti-valentine’s e-card to your office bff a massive waste of time.

Do see V Day as an opportunity.  A branding or marketing opportunity that is. A commercial day like this means an excuse to send out a themed newsletter or market certain products. Use it to your advantage.

Don’t send your boss or subordinate a Valentine. It’s just weird and awkward and a really really bad idea to send your boss a card or even an e-mail. It’s understandable that you might want to – I mean, who doesn’t have a thing for authority figures? But they will question your motives and it might be considered just a tad inappropriate and unprofessional. And at the other end, sending a subordinate a Valentine is a bit pervy. Do expect a sexual harassment suit.

Don’t get emotional. Hopefully work will be enough to distract you from the fact that your partner just dumped you and ripped your heart to shreds. Try to save the emotional turmoil until the end of the day, when you can work it out over a bottle of wine, a Toblerone and a voodoo doll.

It seems that Valentine’s Day is just awkward whether you’re single or seeing someone! But as long as you don’t hire a barbershop quartet to sing your self-penned love song for the person who sits at the desk next to you, you’ll probably be fine.

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