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JOB SEARCH / AUG. 14, 2015
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Jobs That Have a Bad Reputation for All the Right Reasons

In a perfect world, we would always land our dream jobs and the reality would end up being as incredible as we anticipated. But as we all know, life unfortunately doesn’t work that way, and there are tons of factors that contribute to whether we are satisfied in a job or whether it could be considered a good career. We all have a vague idea of what other people do -- for example, we know the basics of what a doctor or teacher does every day. But we also hold onto our ideas of whether a certain job is good or bad. While we may be holding onto stereotypes, those ideas have some truth to them. Read on to find out the top 9 jobs that deserve their bad reputations.

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1. Lawyer

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Shakespeare once wrote, "Kill all the lawyers." But all joking aside, being a lawyer has a bad reputation thanks to the insanely long hours that the field of law requires. Unfortunately, those long hours are completely true. Lawyers put in way more than 40 hour-work weeks -- it’s more like 60-70 or even 80 hours. This is thanks to wanting to be an overachiever and impress the boss, logging more hours in the hopes of landing a partner one day, and the fact that all of us no matter what our industry are working harder and longer these days.

Lawyers also have a bad reputation thanks to their potential to always see the negative in something and to not even care about the clients they’re representing- some of them are jus in it for the money. While that of course doesn’t describe every single working lawyer in the world, it definitely happens. Law is a profession that attracts intelligent people who are willing to work extremely hard and when you combine that with high salaries and the holy grail of being made partner, being dangled like a carrot, you’re bound to get some people acting pretty cutthroat in order to make it.

2. Publicist

Those working in public relations -- whether corporate, celebrity, fashion, entertainment, etc. -- are thought to be power-hungry workers who would do anything to give their clients good publicity. The very nature of P.R. means being aggressive sometimes and getting what you want, and you won’t get anywhere by being shy, quiet or meek. So it’s no wonder that many public relations representatives come off this way from time to time. This job may have a bad reputation but it’s also completely necessary. Without the field of public relations, we’d never know about the hottest stars or the newest movies or that up-and-coming young designer who deserves every ounce of fame they’re starting to get. But of course, this job doesn’t have the greatest reputation because you could look at it as helping the rich and famous get even richer and more famous.

The worst of P.R.? That would have to be when reps are fighting on behalf of greedy corporations or business executives who aren’t trying to do anything except making a few bucks. This often comes up when there’s a corporate crisis and a P.R. rep has to tell the CEO or manager to make a speech. We watch the speech on the television news and make decisions about whether we think they sound genuine or not. It’s all the work of the public relations person helping them out.

3. Doctor

We all hope that people study hard and go through medical school and want to be doctors so they can help people. Being a doctor is possibly the most altruistic profession that you could possibly have. But it turns out that many people living in the United States find doctors to be untrustworthy. This is due to the high costs of health care and a belief that doctors want money, more than they want to heal. Unfortunately, while this isn’t always the case, health care is a huge political and socioeconomic issue in the United States and so this is a fair point to make. Trust is difficult when you’re paying money that you don’t necessarily have, for a medical service that other countries provide with no cost to the patient.

4. Journalist

A journalist is another job that seems to be altruistic but which many see as having a less than perfect reputation. How many Americans don’t find journalists to be trustworthy? That would be 54 percent. People think that journalists will do anything to get a good story, make up quotes, fabricate stories and more. A number of seemingly successful journalists have been caught and fired from esteemed publications such as The New York Times for fabricating characters in a story and not being truthful. So when that happens, it’s hard to blame the public for believing that journalists deserve a bad rep because they put their trust in that person and were incredibly disappointed.

5. Salespeople

No matter what industry or company they work for, salespeople have never had a great rep in the eyes of the public. They’re known for, well, wanting to make a sale, and since the prospective buyer may not always want to pay a high price for whatever they’re marketing (a page in a magazine, an online ad, etc.), tensions occur. And since the general public hates when people knock on their door trying to sell them subscriptions or products, this is one job that will never look good.

6. Advertising Executive

We groan when we have to sit through yet another lame, boring and unfunny commercial whilst watching television in the evenings, and we don’t usually pay attention to the advertisements that cover our subway trains or the billboards that are all over our cities. We’re pretty desensitized to adveritising by now, and that’s why being an ad exec will never seem like a positive profession to have. Blame it on Don Draper but we think that ad men are a drinking, cigarette smoking bunch who would rather count dollar bills than sell the public something they actually want or need. It’s difficult to know how true or false that stereotype is since ad agencies are pretty mysterious beings and you would never know unless you actually worked at one. But it’s safe to say that a profession that comes up with ways to manipulate the public, into spending money that they don’t need to spend, is not the greatest.

7. Therapist/Psychotherapist/Psychologist

Another seemingly helpful profession that is sometimes anything but helpful. People suffering from mental illness are sometimes given over-the-counter medications to manage their symptoms, but sometimes there’s an over-reliance on drugs, when talk therapy or other methods would actually help more. This is also a big problem when it comes to children who are being over diagnosed with ADD and given Ritalian and other drugs when they don’t actually need them. 

8. Telemarketer

Enough said, right? Who enjoys getting phone calls at the worst times, usually when you’re just sitting down to have dinner? Telesales people are always trying to convince you to buy things, and all you are trying to do is get rid of them. Even though their direct marketing and sales approach could be a bit annoying to some, they are only just trying to do their job.

9. Politician

If people don’t trust lawyers or doctors, perhaps they find politicians to be even more untrustworthy. It’s difficult to imagine a job that has a worse reputation than being a politician. Thanks to all the never-ending scandals that happen every election season, it’s hard to blame people for thinking that way. Politicians raise money for their campaigns and want contributions, without being able to 100 percent guarantee that they will be able to do some good if they even make it into office. And, of course, many just want the power and the fame, so all they want to do is climb the political ladder. Just look at all the candidates who never get voted, yet still show up every single election.

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Some jobs have bad reputations that they just can’t escape, and these top 9 jobs are no different. If you have one of these positions, then all the more reason to be as successful as you can be (in a positive way, of course) and prove all the skeptics wrong.

Do you think these jobs don’t deserve this bad reputation they have? Share your thoughts below.

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