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The Color of Success - Choose the Right Color for the Right Job

In my previous posts, I covered what kind of things to wear to a job interview.  But what many people don’t know is that choosing the right color is as important as choosing the right outfit.

Below are common interview colors and what they tell an interviewer about you.

  • Brown – This neutral color helps you feel calm and it’s a great neutral solid color for you to wear to your job interview.
  • Blue – Blue, navy in particular, is another great color to wear for an interview.  Shades of blue convey to your interviewer that you are confident, calm, and trustworthy.  These are qualities that many interviewers look for. Not only that, but many people love the color blue. It won’t hurt if you happen to be wearing the interviewer’s favorite color on the day of the interview.
  • Grey – Another neutral color that is great for interviewers is the color grey. This shows that you are sophisticated and it can be worn in the shape of a dress or suit. It lets you look as if you’re powerful, but it’s not as domineering as when you’re wearing black.
  • Black – This color is very popular for dresses and suits to wear to a job interview. One thing to keep in mind is that black is a color that conveys much drama, authority, and power. This is a good option if you’re applying for an executive position.  But it may not be right if you’re applying for a job as an administrative assistant or you’re applying for a job in an environment that’s more laid back. A good alternative is using black as an accent. This accent strategy will help show you have authority without making you unapproachable.
  • Red – This powerful, bright color conveys a lot of passion and energy.  Like black, it often will be a better choice for an accent color rather than as a main color.  Wear a red tie or scarf to show the right level of passion without going overboard on emotion.
  • White – Clean and crisp, white’s an ideal color for blouses and shirts. White conveys simplicity and truth, and it will add some brightness without it being overwhelming.

Solids versus Patterns

Along with choosing the right colors, there’s also the consideration of solids versus patterns. When you’re going to a job interview, it’s best to stick with solid colors rather than patterns.  After all, you want to be remembered for your qualifications and skills, instead of your style. You don’t want to attract negative attention by inadvertently blinding your interviewer.

Making the right or wrong first impression could be as simple as choosing the right or wrong colored clothing.  When you are laying out your clothing for your job interview, look at it and ask yourself what the clothing color says about you.  If it’s giving the wrong impression or saying the wrong thing, choose a different color. Remember, you don’t want your job interview to be over before it even begins. Choosing the right color will help you have a better chance of being successful.

Photo Source: AOL Jobs

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