11 Best Interview Hairstyles for Men

man with nice hair being interviewed

For a man, getting ready for a job interview will involve; ironing your shirt, prepping for some questions, taking your suit out of the back of the cupboard (maybe dusting it a little?), polishing  your shoes - but not a single thought about your hair, especially if it’s on the shorter side. You only get one chance to make a good impression and bag yourself a job. These days’ interviewers want the overall package and will judge you on your appearance, down to the last strand of hair.

To not make any hairstyle mistakes, follow the below ideas when you are getting ready for your big day to make sure you look salon ready:

Curly Hair

1. Pushed-Back and Curly

For an interview, you’ll want your mane pushed back out of your face to make you look presentable. To make sure that your hair is appropriate, opt for an Adrien Grenier hairstyle like the below picture. To nail this look, a good tip is to use a leave-in conditioner that will neaten your curls. Make sure you spend a few minutes in the morning of your interview to keep your curls in tack.

Pushed back and curlyUproxx

2. Buzz Cut

The strong and confident buzz cut is more than appropriate for any professional environment. This short haircut can be managed in seconds, just add a bit of molding cream to give it a cropped finish.

will smith buzz cutShutterstock

3. Ivy League

The Ivy League hairstyle is possibly the best curly hairstyle for businessmen. This look relies on trimming the hair with scissors but leaving different lengths: the sides and back are left to 1/2 inch and the top up to 2 inches. This easy do creates a very gradual fade and aesthetically pleasing effect to the eye and integrates the curly hair nicely to the head.

Ivy Leaguecoolmenhairstyles

Long Hair

 4. Man-Bun

This staple and stylish trend is one that’s sported by many young males. To make your man-bun look stylish and sophisticated for an interview make sure it’s neat and not messy. Use a gel or wax to brush the hair onto the bun and fasten it securely with a band.

man bunShutterstock

5. Pony-Tail

It’s not just women that are allowed to sport a sleek pony to an interview. You too can opt for this simple but effective look. Alternatively, you can wear your hair in a half-pony. To rock this style make sure your hair is neat and de-frizzed.

Pony tailallthingshair

6. Slick Back

If time isn’t of the essence, wear your hair down but slicked back so it’s not hanging loosely in your face. You can run a serum through your hair with your fingers and use a gel or cream to slick the front of your hair out of your face.

John travolta slick back hairShutterstock

Wavy & Straight Hair

 7. Undercut

This practical haircut accentuates all face shapes. To successfully achieve this look; after washing, use a blowdryer to straighten the hair backward and add volume. Finish with a spritz of hairspray and you’ll be good to go!


8. Neat Pompadour

With this neat and classic finish, this hairstyle makes you look passionate and confident. The quiff has been trending for quite some time now and has become ever-popular amongst business professionals. To make it look neat for an interview use a brush to blowdry your quiff and ad some pomade to keep it in place.

Neat pompadourlatina

9. Pulled Back with a Side-Part

This hairstyle oozes sophistication and is one that David Beckham sported back in the day. To achieve this look, first, wash your hair. Using a fine-toothed comb, create a parting or trace one that you already have. Push the hair to the other end of the parting. Blow dry this hair upwards and back to highlight the side part. Continue to comb and style the hair once it is dry. Use a tiny amount of wax or hairspray to create texture in the hair.

 Pulled Back with a Side-Partmenshairstyletrends

10. Modern French Crop

This simple hairstyle sports short sides and back with a textured crop. The hair is cut at about 1 to 2 inches of length. You can style this look according to your preference with this smart and detail-orientated look.

French CropYoutube

11. Gatsby Slick Back

We’re taking it back to the ’20s with the Gatsby slick back. If you have medium length hair, avoid leading it flopping around. Instead, choose to slick your hair back with a high-shine pomade or gel in order to give it that polished effect. It will make you look charming- like a true gentlemen.

Brad Pitt Gatsby Slick Back hairShutterstock

The key to nailing you’re your hairstyle is to ensure it ties in with your overall look for your interview. Make sure your hair doesn’t out-do the rest of your outfit; it needs to look natural and effortless. A clean-shaven face is always a safer bet, however if you don’t want to shave your beard off just ensure it’s trimmed to a reasonable length and looks neat.


Have you nailed a hairstyle that isn’t mentioned for an interview? Leave us a comment in the section below with your tips and tricks…