9 Tips to Keep Your Beard Professional at the Workplace

Professional Beard For Workplace

Beards are more popular than ever before. Everywhere you go, you notice men sporting designer stubble, a goatee or a corporate beard. Some men will even go as far as growing facial hair comparable to Indian spiritual gurus. Whatever style you’re going for, you need to make sure that it’s professional-looking and not something that looks like it’s housing a family of canaries.

Life is cyclical, so it’s likely that beards will pass and that all men will return to being clean-shaven. Until then, if you possess a beard, it’s important to maintain good office etiquette by employing the necessary grooming techniques to look like you’re ready for a powerful business meeting at any time of the day. Who knows? Maybe your beard will convince Japanese suppliers to enter into a partnership with your company? Fear the beard, indeed!

We’ve compiled a list of nine tips to make your yeard, tweard or circle beard prepared for work.

1. Proportion your beard to your face

Not everyone shares the same facial size. From weak chins to high cheekbones, every man comes in different face sizes and shapes. While you can’t trim your beard the first couple of weeks you grow it in, you can always proportion it after four to six weeks. You can also select a particular style.

Ultimately, though, it’s about looking better with a beard rather than letting it go wild.

2. Know when to prune

Well, it is that time: pruning. This is the only way to take care of a professional beard.

Pruning is a critical aspect of grooming. Even if you plan on growing it out in length or width, it’s still essential to give it a trim when necessary. There are all sorts of ways to prune your beard, from cropping the hair to helping it grow long. Every man will have his own way of trimming, but the important thing is to own the right tools to keep it looking good and fresh.

3. Use the right tools

Speaking of tools… Many men who start out growing a beard fail to gather the right tools and supplies to ensure that it is neat and looks impressive. They may rely on scissors they use to open a package of batteries, cut open raw meat or do arts and crafts with their kids. Indeed, because it might be too hard to take care of a beard, some men will just abandon the beard and start shaving on a whim.

So, what tools would you need?

Here are some recommendations:

  • A beard comb
  • A pair of facial hair scissors
  • A beard trimmer with guard heads
  • A bristle beard brush

These are the essential supplies to have in your bathroom. If you have a birthday coming up, or if the holidays are around the corner, then perhaps you can give that special person in your life a little nudge and a wink!

4. Wash your beard every day

Sure, if you shower (we hope so!), then you will wash your beard. However, you might make the mistake of not giving it a thorough wash with shampoo or body wash like you would for your hair or the rest of your body. So, whether you want to do it in the shower, or you want to set aside some time to do it over the sink, it’s important to thoroughly wash your beard every day. You can even utilise special beard shampoos and conditioners to make it appear even better.

5. Carry a comb with you

The harsh elements of nature can make your beard look erratic. Or if you’re someone who likes to stroke his beard while you think, then you might mess it up a bit. Whatever the case may be, it’s always a good idea to carry a beard comb with you and give it a nice brush every so often.

You never know who you will come across or just how messy it may be after a messy Mexican lunch!

6. Never forget the moustache

As you concentrate on the neckline or you attempt to get the right sideburns, you may neglect the moustache. But this is the one location of your beard that you must never forget. Why? Well, if you have grown a beard before, and you chose not to maintain it, then you may have noticed how annoying and ugly the moustache can become without a trim.

It’s true.

Moving forward, it would be a wise idea to give your moustache a tiny trim every four days to keep the stray hairs at bay, which will not travel below your upper lip. Also, use a pair of grooming scissors to cut the hair that is setting up shop in the area under your nose; this is the hardest place to trim.

7. Find your neckline

A key objective of growing a beard is to make it look natural. You want it to appear as if nobody has ever touched it. The one way to accomplish this goal? Locate your neckline.

Indeed, as you start developing facial hair, you’ll want to leave a little bit of space below the jaw. A common mistake among beard neophytes is trimming too high up on their jaw, which offers the illusion that you have a double chin since the beard fails to cover below the jawline. Ultimately, as you concentrate on the neckline, you will achieve the natural look rather than a sharp-edged beard.

8. Eat foods suitable for beard health

Do you want your beard to look full, healthy and radiant? Well, pass the milk and eggs!

Since your beard is born from fat and protein, it’s dependent on vitamins B3, B5 and B9. If you are committed to growing the greatest beard ever known to man, then you will want to include more egg yolks, leafy greens, lean meats, nuts and milk into your diet. You can also take supplements.

Of course, it’s important to remember that while vitamins and supplements are important for beard health, they will not make a beard grow in areas where they would not grow before. Unfortunately, whether it is genetics or your lifestyle, not everyone can develop and nurture a beard.

9. Uphold your look

Finally, for a lot of men, a beard just becomes them. If you have a beard for seven consecutive months and you are known as the guy with the beard, then it would be a good idea to uphold this look. Plus, there are many benefits to possessing a beard, from walking in the winter weather to standing out from the crowd at the office (as long as you’re a model employee!).

Just remember that if you have a beard for, let’s say, two straight years and you suddenly decide one day to chop it off, everyone will notice. If you have children, they will certainly throw a tantrum, so be prepared for the waterworks!

As long as you follow routine hygiene, you can make the beard work out.


Whether you look like Clint Eastwood in the vintage spaghetti westerns or you appear to be related to NBA superstar James Harden, it’s important to take care of your beard and to not let it become too wild since it’s certainly not proper business etiquette.

It might be okay if you’re in school or on vacation without a care in the world, but if you’re wheeling and dealing and working with executives from all over the world, you need to keep your facial hair neat.

It’s the same idea as knowing what to wear to work. You wouldn’t sport your dirty beach attire to the office, would you?

Do you have any beard-grooming tips you’d like to share with us? Join the conversation down below and let us!