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Top 10 Skills Needed for a Job in Web Design


There’s no shortage of web design work in this increasingly virtual world. Businesses in any industry know how important it is to have a website that works for them. As always, the world of web design is changing, and there’s not a lot we can do about it. If you want to get into web design today, you need to know at lot more than you used to. Being a computer geek alone won’t automatically win you a job.

We’re going to show you the ten top skills you need for a job in web design.

#1 Knowledge of Design

It helps if you have some sort of background in design. It doesn’t have to be in making websites. The principles of design are the same. A college degree in a design-related field will also stand you in good stead.

#2 Marketing

All designers need to know something about marketing. Why wouldn’t they? A website is a marketing tool itself. You need to know what appeals to the audience of today.

#3 Trendy Knowledge

Web designers must know what’s working right now. The trends are always changing. What worked a few years ago won’t work now. Find out what users expect from websites today and go from there.

#4 Customer Service Skills

You need to act professionally and treat customers the right way. There’s no place in the market of today for moody and curt web designers.

#5 Communication

Some of the ideas you have may make sense in professional circles, but you have to explain them to the man in the street. Being able to communicate complicated concepts in a way even the most ignorant person can understand is a great advantage.

#6 Time Management

It doesn’t matter how much of an artist you consider yourself. You’re a business person and you have to manage your time effectively. It’s not uncommon for designers to have to juggle multiple projects and milestones at the same time.

#7 Your Stuff

Let’s lump all the code you’ll need to know into this section here. A basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP is a must. It’s also handy to know about other programming languages like Java. Learn as much as you can and never stop learning. This way you’ll have as much flexibility in what you work on as possible.

#8 Search Engine Optimisation

Part of what you do will overlap with the demands and standards of Google. Certain types of image and certain forms of code will cause problems for any website when it comes to ranking well. You need to know about them through a basic knowledge of SEO.

#9 Typing

Although most designers spend time working on their tablets and on pads of paper. However, the bulk of your working time will be spent typing and coding. If you’re a slow typist, accept that you need to speed up. You should have no problem typing at a reasonably fast pace.

#10 Business Sense

This is extremely important. Business sense is knowing what’s good for your clients and what’s good for the person you’re working with. Most business sense is just common sense, but a lot of people forget that they’re essentially a commercial entity. Website design often incorporates art, and it requires a lot of creativity, but remember that everyone involved is there to make money. Don’t let your artistic brain get in front of your commercial brain. This is about doing business and nothing else.

Take note, this is the one thing perfectly good designers lack, and it’s what costs them many jobs.

Are you a budding web designer? Do you think you possess all of the necessary skills? Your thoughts and comments below please...

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