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Top 5 Professions Ideal for Smokers



If you are a smoker, then you know the drill. A stick or two stimulates the ‘feel good’ chemicals in your brain, and suddenly your life gets better. Smoking – whether the substance you inhale is tobacco or cannabis – harms your health in more ways than one…

However, the intent of this article is not to discourage you from enjoying your pipe, but to enlighten you on some of the professions where smoking can be your ally, chief motivator and faithful workplace companion.

Let’s get started:

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1. Cigarette Tester


Like food testers, cigarette testers smoke the various flavors of cigarettes manufactured in a cigar factory. Your primary task is to evaluate the taste, flavor and irritant effects of each cigarette you smoke. Depending on the number of flavors a factory produces, a tester can smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day for the rest of your time as a cigarette tester. Quite a tasty job…huh? Only if you are an avid smoker.

2. Astronaut

Wikimedia Commons

Buddy, cannabis can get you higher than the Empire State Building in New York. It’s all puffs and more puffs until the weed starts to alter your state of consciousness. You start making the illusionary jump to drugless highs and before you know it, you are staring planet Earth from the skies! So why don’t you become an astronaut and actually go to space? You will also get the lifetime chance to compare which between a rocket and weed can get you higher above the ground!

3. Long Haul Driver

Smoking improves memory and concentration, according to the Daily Mail. If you are one of the many smokers who concentrate and see things more clearly after puffs of cigarettes, you can become an accomplished long haul truck driver. Not many people can drive from, for instance, Florida to Washington (1315 km apart) without taking several stops and suffering numb feet along the way. But as a truck driver who loves smoking, you will stay focused on the road and arrive at your destination in record time.

4. Smoking Lounge/Cigar Bar Attendant

Monte Carlo Las Vegas Resort and Casino

Smoking lounges are found in airports, bars and other facilities where smoking is generally prohibited. While smokers enjoy their thing, they may also need to be served some drinks. With a love for smoking, you can be an effective smoking lounge attendant. Although you will not smoke on the job, the secondhand smoke you will inhale while serving other smokers is sufficient to get you through the day.

5. Tobacco Farmer

Tobacco farmer

Really, you don’t have to enjoy smoking to be a tobacco farmer. But again, how can you know whether you are growing a product you can be proud to smoke? It often takes a passionate smoker to care for a tobacco plant from the time of planting through harvesting. In fact, the best way to know whether tobacco leaves are ready for harvesting is to roll a homemade pipe and smoke it away!

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Are you are a smoker? Does smoking significantly increase your workplace productivity? Feel free to post your occupation in the comments section.

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