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WORKPLACE / JUL. 10, 2013
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What to Cover in an Employee Appraisal

An employee appraisal is a chance for both management and employee to bring up any issues or concerns they have, and to discuss areas of achievement and improvement. Essentially, the purpose of an appraisal is to highlight an individual’s strengths and recognize their dedication to work, whilst also pointing out ways of improving or changing certain aspects of an employee’s daily routine.

Knowing what to cover in an appraisal is essential to ensure your employee review incorporates all the most important elements and topics that need addressing.

Here are the main areas to cover for a comprehensive and informative employee appraisal…

Review of past behaviors and achievements

·         Try to focus on the achievements of the individual, targets they met, projects that were successful  etc.

·         If you need to address behaviors of the employee, that you admire or which need to be adjusted then this is your time to mention them.

Address achievements and discuss rewards

·         When discussing achievements it is necessary to bring up rewards if this was part of the original agreement.

·         If you stated that the completion of a project would award the employee an extra day’s holiday for example, then you must honor this agreement.

Assess current skills and determine if more training is required

·         Review the current skill set of the employee and draw on their strengths and areas that they do particularly well on.

·         You can also discuss training programs for areas that need improvement, or new software that is to be integrated.

Assess time keeping and ability to meet targets

·         Review the employee’s time keeping record and assess their skills in keeping to tight deadlines and meeting targets.

·         If you feel that the employee needs to organize their time better, then draw up an action plan to assist them in moving forward.

Review any areas of improvement

·         If the employee has not managed to achieve the targets set out for them in the previous appraisal, then you need to address why this happened and what can be done differently to ensure the targets are met.

Establish new targets and deadlines for projects

·         When setting new goals, make sure you use a method that is quantifiable. This means that the goals and targets you set the employee can be checked to establish whether they have been met, exceeded or the employee has failed to meet them for a particular reason.



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