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JOB SEARCH / SEP. 20, 2016
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5 Most Difficult Jobs in the World

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1. Firefighter
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The role of a firefighter is essentially to protect the lives of the general public during potentially life threatening situations. Firefighters are on call 24/7 to respond to emergency situations ranging from car crashes, water rescue, chemical spills, water rescue and of course, fires. The job is challenging and oftentimes incredibly stressful, but provides high levels of job satisfaction. To become a firefighter you must have strong mental, physical and behavioral traits while being able to withstand the physical and mental demands of the role.

Are you looking for a change of career? Are you ready for a new challenge? There are countless jobs out there that provide complete comfort and security on a structured 9-5 basis. However, there are also jobs that push people to their limits in challenging and often scary environments. 

If you are after a career opportunity that offers something unique, challenging and possibly dangerous, browse through the list above to see if you are cut out for some of the most difficult jobs in the world... in other reviews we also take a look at the worlds  Dirtiest Jobs Around and should you crave white knuckle fear / excitement just from being at work; we also looked into the Top 5 Most Extreme Jobs. If the fun factor is something you crave, our list of 10 Amazing Jobs You Never Knew Existed could leave you feeling like a career change might be a on the horizon!

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