The 20 Best Jobs for Extroverts + Salary Prospects

Are you an extrovert? Here are the most suitable jobs for your outgoing personality!

Reviewed by Melina Theodorou

Four extroverts sitting around a table discussing ideal jobs

Do you often find yourself in social situations where you are the centre of attention and are always entertaining people around you? Do you thrive when talking to others and feel most creative when doing so? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are most likely an extroverted person who is energised by being around other people. 

As an extrovert, you can easily become bored when you are alone, and you need a professional environment where you work as part of a team and have the opportunity to network with others. 

As you’re naturally confident and outgoing, finding a job that is suitable to these character traits could be the key to finding happiness in your career. Luckily, there is a range of jobs that suit your extroverted character - some that may not have even crossed your mind. 

For more inspiration, keep reading our list of awesome extrovert jobs.

1. Lawyer

Average annual salary: $122,960 (£87,930)

Despite common belief, lawyers don’t spend all their time locked in courtroom battles. A lot of their work is behind the scenes, communicating with clients, judges and colleagues, investigating legal matters, collecting evidence, and drafting legal documents. 

The most rewarding part of the job is when you are in the courtroom, forming a compelling statement for your defendant.

Perfect for: someone with good judgement as it is the key to being a successful lawyer

Avoid if: you back down easily

Qualifications: law degree is a must - after university, you will need to go to law school before you can qualify for a training contract within a firm

2. Sales manager

Average annual salary: $126,640 (£90,600)

Are you the competitive type that always wants to be the best? Can you convince people that black is, in fact, white? If so, this position is perfect for you. A sales job will require you to communicate with several people a day and show enthusiasm about the product you’re selling. 

It can be a challenging career, but the prospects of receiving a bonus at the end of the month are what will keep you pushing through. 

Perfect for: authoritative people that don’t give up easily 

Avoid if: you’re easily persuaded

Qualifications: previous sales experience is necessary, and a degree in a relevant field, such as marketing, could also be a plus 

3. Event planner

Average annual salary: $50,600 (£36,200)

Are you a natural planner with a creative flair and great organisational skills? If so, event planning may be your true calling. A sociable and friendly personality is a big part of being an extrovert, and these skills are vital when communicating with clients daily. 

Your duties will involve arranging a variety of events, from corporate gatherings to private parties and functions. This job can be quite stressful, but seeing the end result of your efforts is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

Perfect for: people who like arranging parties more than attending them 

Avoid if: you have bad time-management skills

Qualifications: an accredited event planning certification could be beneficial

4. Cosmetologist

Average annual salary: $26,270 (£18,800)

Many people underestimate the skills that are required to be a successful makeup artist. Making a client feel comfortable and perfectly executing their wishes is a difficult task. If you are passionate about makeup, then this is the ideal job for an extroverted character like you. 

Perfect for: creative people with bubbly personalities

Avoid if: you are not comfortable travelling

Qualifications: an accredited certificate from a cosmetology school

5. Life coach

Average annual salary: $62,500 (£44,700)

life coach must meet new clients every day, make them feel at ease and help them deal with life transitions and challenges. This is a profession that requires devotion to personal development and great interpersonal skills. 

Perfect for: individuals who love helping others achieve their goals 

Avoid if: you are not a good listener 

Qualifications: a degree in psychology could be beneficial, but a life coaching certificate will be necessary 

6. Human resources advisor

Average annual salary: $61,920 (£44,300)

Do you enjoy having authority and feel rewarded by assisting people? HR plays a major role in any business. 

As an HR advisor, your list of duties will include screening and hiring new members of staff, handling training, employment paperwork, payroll and benefits. To secure this position, you must be comfortable with meeting new people and have excellent communication skills.

Perfect for: people with direct personalities 

Avoid if: you are a sensitive person

Qualifications:  a university degree; usually in human resource management or business administration, is necessary

7. Public relations officer

Average annual salary: $61,150 (£43,730)

Being a PR officer can be very exciting, as you will have the opportunity to attend glamorous networking events and make connections with various professionals. Within this role, there is no room for shyness as you will be managing the public image of an organisation and act as its representative.

While introverts may shudder just at the thought of putting themselves in the public eye, a true extrovert would bloom in such a fast-paced career. 

Perfect for: creative people who can think on the spot 

Avoid if: you don’t enjoy public speaking

Qualifications: a degree in journalism, marketing or English is usually required to break into this sector 

8. Nurse

Average annual salary: $73,300 (£52,400)

If you a people-person who enjoys helping others, becoming a nurse could be a great career for you. The most important aspect of this job is being able to show compassion towards your patients and treat them with utmost care. 

Perfect for: people who are resilient and caring

Avoid if: you don’t enjoy being active 

Qualifications: a nursing degree, a registered nurse license or a family nurse practitioner (FNP) diploma (depending on the route you wish to take)

9. Teacher

Average annual salary: $61,660 (£44,050)

As an extrovert, you will thrive on being the centre of attention and passing on your knowledge to your students. 

Teachers who excel in their role have the interpersonal skills to interact and communicate with a variety of people effectively, from their young students to fellow adults. 

Perfect for: people who have a calm nature 

Avoid if: you do not enjoy working with children and adolescents

Qualifications: a bachelor’s degree and a completed teaching diploma

10. Tour guide 

Average annual salary: $38,410 (£27,500)

Being passionate about your city and having historical knowledge, and the stamina to be on your feet all day are the qualities you must possess to be the ultimate tour guide. You must also enjoy meeting new people and sharing your insights as a tour guide with them. 

Perfect for: people who enjoy being outside and love history 

Avoid if: you have a short temper 

Qualifications: depending on your location, you may be able to complete an accredited tourist guide training programme

11. Financial advisor

Average annual salary: $87,850 (£62,800)

Financial advisors use their knowledge to help clients choose the right investment opportunities, offer tax and insurance information and generally point their clients in the right direction to protect their assets. Having a range of soft skills is necessary to adequately perform your duties, making this career an excellent choice for extroverts.

Perfect for: people who are good with numbers 

Avoid if: paperwork isn’t your forte 

Qualifications: a degree in finance, economics or business

12. Actor

Average annual salary: $57,700 (£41,250)

Do you enjoy being in the limelight and aspire to be on the big screen one day? If you can personify a character and depict a story to an audience then you will bloom in this tough industry. To become a professional and thriving performing artist must be expressive, outgoing and confident in talking or performing in front of large crowds. 

Perfect for: artistic individuals 

Avoid if: earning a steady income is important to you  

Qualifications: a degree from a performing arts school could be beneficial

13. Flight attendant

Average annual salary: $56,640 (£40,500)

Do you usually keep your head in the clouds? Becoming a cabin crew member could be the jo for you. Flight attendant duties include serving foods and drinks, comforting nervous flyers and carrying out safety procedures. 

You will always need to have a polite but firm approach in every element of the job as you may have to deal with difficult passengers from time to time.

Perfect for: people who can stay calm under tricky situations

Avoid if: you are a nervous flyer yourself 

Qualifications: an accredited cabin crew training certificate 

14. Hairdresser

Average annual salary: $26,270 (£18,800)

Many people enjoy going to their hairdressers’ as they build a special bond with them and come out of the shop with a fresh look. This type of job is perfect for someone with a sociable and creative personality. 

Perfect for: those who enjoy styling others 

Avoid if: you don’t like being on your feet all-day 

Qualifications: a hairdressing or styling diploma

15. Recruitment consultant

Average annual salary: $54,600 (£39,030)

Recruitment consultants act as a link between employers and job seekers, helping the latter find the most suitable type of job for them. Their day-to-day duties vary from interviews with new candidates to calls with employers, networking and headhunting. 

Recruitment consultants run a tight ship as they need to hit their sales targets –there’s no time for shyness in the dog-eat-dog world of recruitment. 

Perfect for: natural career matchmakers 

Avoid if: you are not a competitive and assertive person

Qualifications: any university degree, but preferably one in human resources, marketing or public relations 

16. Social media coordinator

Average annual salary: $42,370 (£30,300)

Do you spend a lot of your time scrolling through social platforms, jumping on the latest trends and creating online content? If so, your outgoing personality is perfect for the role of a social media coordinator

You will spend most of your time thinking of creative post ideas to get your brand noticed online, as well as working to maintain a positive brand image. 

Perfect for: social media lovers who follow the latest hashtags and trends

Avoid if: you’re not good with analytics and charts 

Qualifications: a university degree in creative writing, journalism, or marketing will be advantageous 

17. Politician 

Average annual salary: Varies

Anyone with interest in politics will need to have a confident personality to match. You’ll need to be persuasive in order to convince others of your ethics and morals so that they can vote for you and your party. You’ll also need to have thick skin to handle negative public opinions and the press.

Perfect for: people who are passionate about fighting for a cause they believe in 

Avoid if: you are sensitive to external judgement

Qualifications: a bachelor’s degree in political science or a related field 

18. Marketing manager 

Average annual salary: $135,900 (£97,140)

Do you enjoy taking charge of situations and managing people? If so, you could consider becoming a marketing manager. Typical duties involve establishing and overseeing marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness and increase sales. You’ll need to be a creative individual who isn’t afraid to think outside of the box.  

Perfect for: people who are good at multitasking 

Avoid if: you aren’t good with numbers

Qualifications: a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, media or communications 

19. Dentist 

Average annual salary: $159,200 (£113,800)

Besides having an interest in oral care, dentists also need to have a sociable personality to make their patients feel comfortable in their presence. It’s often daunting sitting in a dentist’s chair, so by having a friendly approach, your clients are more likely to return and recommend your services to their friends and family. 

Perfect for: studious personalities 

Avoid if: you’re squeamish 

Qualifications: a dental degree (BDS, BDent, BDSc or BChD) approved by the General Dental Council (GDC)

20. Counsellor 

Average annual salary: $46,240 (£33,050)

Are you good at helping others solve their problems? If so, then you could consider a career as a counsellor. 

As a counsellor, you will provide therapy and support to your patients to help them overcome different issues they are dealing with. Depending on your interests, you can specialise in a particular field such as mental health or family and marriage therapy. 

Perfect for: caring people who are good listeners 

Avoid if: you get frustrated easily 

Qualifications: a master’s or doctoral degree as well as a counselling licence

Extroverts excel in jobs that have a more practical and proactive nature. If you find yourself falling under this category, why not use this list of outgoing jobs in your career search to find a profession that you love? 

And if you are still uncertain about which job is the right one for you, then you can always put yourself to the test through our career matching platform, CareerHunter, and discover an ideal path to follow!

Which of these extrovert jobs do you find the most appealing? Let us know in the comments section below.

Salary information is based on data compiled and published by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale. Salary conversions are based on the rates supplied by on 3 March 2020.

This article is an updated version of an earlier article originally published on 14 August 2017.