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5 Rewarding Careers for the Driven Individual



Whether you are graduating or just looking to change careers, there are probably a few things on your mind. One of those might be, “The ball is in my court, what do I want to do with my life?” There are thousands of career choices and the task of choosing one can be daunting. Well fret not; this article will lay out a few different career options for you and provide information about them. These careers are geared toward someone who is self-motivated and driven.

Nurse Practitioner

A job in the medical field can be very rewarding and provide you with a financially secure future. Being a nurse practitioner can pay a similar salary to that of a doctor without nearly as much schooling. On average, it will take about four years of schooling to become a NP. According to Maryville University, it is a job that is in high demand and can pay anywhere from a comfortable $80,000 to a lofty $110,000. Typically, a master’s degree in medicine is a requirement to become a nurse practitioner. On top of that, most states require you to have licensure as a RN (registered nurse) along with a specialty license as a Nurse Practitioner.

If you are looking for a job that allows you to use logic and problem solving skills, then look no further. Your tasks will consist of, but are not limited to: managing acute and chronic conditions, diagnosing, ordering treatment, performing advanced procedures, and prescribing medications. This is a career that is sure to be challenging and will allow you to make an impact on peoples’ lives!

Web Developer

If you are one that is technologically inclined and has a knack for design, web development might be the right career choice for you. In today’s ever-growing cyber world, there is a need for people who create the websites that others will use every day. Some of the duties of a web developer that Top Ten Reviews lists include creating and debugging applications, writing code, and integrating graphics into sites.

What draws a lot of people to this field is the fact that schooling isn’t always relevant or important. This is because the hiring process is largely portfolio based. A company that is looking to hire doesn’t always care about how much education you have under your belt, but more about what you are capable of doing. If you are capable of producing high-quality work you could be looking at a salary from $30,000 all the way up to $110,000.

A career as a web developer is a perfect fit for someone looking to use both sides of their brain. Self-motivated people are ideal for the job because it requires you to meet deadlines while setting your own pace. The great thing about this is that seeing the final result of your work can be motivating.

Sales Representative

We all remember the kid that who seemed to always be hustling something out of his locker, be it gum, or answers to yesterday’s homework. If that kid was you, you might have a future as a sales representative.

Every company has a good or a service that they are trying to push, and every company has a person whose entire purpose is just that. Sales reps are essential to most companies and are highly sought after.

This is another career where schooling is relatively flexible. Some companies will hire representatives based on personality if they feel that you would be naturally good at sales. Otherwise, a business degree would be tremendously helpful in landing you a job in this field. Sales reps often see a salary similar to that of a web developer, depending on how good you are.

This is another job based heavily in numbers and can sometimes be commission based, which is why it attracts highly driven individuals. Creativity and logic are encouraged, as you must be able to read a potential client and pitch to them accordingly. Emotional intelligence may also play an important role in this process. This is a perfect career for someone who is personable and generally just a social butterfly.

Civil Engineer

As you regularly travel within your city, you may begin to stop noticing things such as bridges, tunnels, railroads, and large buildings. That is because these things have become such a ubiquitous part of our society that they start to blend into the background; but did you ever stop to think about the amount of thought and planning that went into these things?

Behind all of these essential parts of our infrastructure are people. According to US News, a career as a civil engineer can pay upwards of $130,000 a year and can have a very direct impact on society. Becoming a civil engineer will typically require an engineering degree which will take roughly four years to receive.

This is a job that deals in absolutes, such as mathematics and hard sciences. Any engineering job is far from a walk in the park and this is not excluded. It will, no doubt, require you to use your brain. You will be dealing with things like complex mathematical equations and other things of that nature. In the most endearing sense of the word, this is a job for a real geek.

Financial Advisor

As a kid, you had a piggy bank, and possibly an allowance. You had to manage and save up for the things you wanted. On a larger scale, being a financial advisor basically consists of managing other peoples’ piggy banks. This is something that can be very rewarding in that you provide people with something that is highly important in today’s day and age: financial security.

As an advisor, you help people manage investments, help them navigate the stock market, and help them find the best ways to save money. Depending on your experience and how good you are, people will pay a high premium in order to ensure financial security. This can add up to a salary somewhere from $30,000 to a whopping $190,000. Breaking into this field will usually require a bachelor’s degree in business, or these days, specifically in financial advisory.

A person’s financial profile is, by and large, as unique as them. This is why this career requires more thinking outside of the box than one might think. Eric Schafer from financial planning group, Savant Capitalin says that “it is 80% psychology and only 20% financial.” This is because you have to be able to understand the goals and concerns of your client. Creativity and logic both may as well be considered required skills for obtaining a job as a financial advisor. If those are qualities you possess, this may be for you.

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