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JOB SEARCH / JUL. 28, 2015
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A Day in the Life of a Certified Nursing Assistant

Are you looking to start a career in nursing? There are many different career paths to take and becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, is proving to be a very popular option.

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Reasons to Get Accredited as a CNA

  1. One of the most appealing aspects of a career as a CNA is that demand for CNA workers has been historically strong and is predicted to continue into the future. Individuals that hold CNA certification are thought to be in a great position to secure ongoing employment.
  2. CNAs are adequately paid for their professional skills, given that certification can be obtained over a short period of time. The training period for CNA certification is as little as three weeks full-time, or eight weeks part-time.
  3. CNAs also enjoy the choice of various settings to work from. You can work in hospitals, opt for employment in hospices or even choose to care for patients by making private visits to their homes.

Other options include day care centers, long term care facilities, clinics, rehabilitation centers, retirement communities and nursing homes; so, with some trial and error, you will be able to find the ideal workplace setting in your local area.

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description

CNAs enjoy a diverse range of roles and responsibilities and it is said to be one of the most rewarding careers within the field of nursing. Below are six key day to day activates that you can expect to perform once qualified and employed.

  1. Feed, Bathe, and Dress the Patients

It is the duty of a CNA to help the patients with their day to day basic needs. Generally, this entails helping them bathe, dress and feed themselves. While some patients within the hospital setting may carry out these activities by themselves, others such as stroke victims, individuals recovering from accidents and some elderly patients may need assistance from a CNA.

  1. Monitor Vital Signs

Taking and recording a patient’s vital signs, as instructed by the doctor, is also part of the CNA role. You will be responsible for measuring the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, the level of pain as well as the patient’s temperature. Once complete, you then note the information and may report to a Doctor or supervisor in the event of any unusual findings.

  1. Set up Medical Apparatus and Help With Some Medical Procedures

This involves laying out medical apparatus for the doctor so that he or she can examine a patient. In some states, Certified Nursing Assistants are allowed to assist or carry out some medical procedures, such as drawing blood. However, only CNAs with the appropriate training are allowed to do so.

  1. Attend to the Patient’s Call for Help and Observe any Changes in Condition or Behavior

Due to the fact that CNAs work closely with patients on a day to day basis, they are tasked with the duty to observe noticeable changes in the patient’s physical condition and emotional state. In your role you may be called upon to offer emotional support and help the patient with the recovery process, particularly if the patient is suffering from a long-term condition.

Additionally, a CNA may be tasked with ensuring that the patient’s rights are upheld. Such rights include observing privacy and dignity while giving care, upholding the right to refuse or accept treatment and confidentiality of information.

  1. Serve Meals, Make Beds and Clean the Rooms

In line with helping the patient meet their basic needs, a CNA will also be responsible for serving meals, making beds and ensuring the patients live in a clean environment. It also involves planning dietary needs for special cases and ensuring that the prescribed daily dietary intake is followed.

  1. Regulating Visiting Hours

It is part of CNA duties to facilitate the visiting hours while ensuring that the patient’s rest time is not taken up by visitors. In such an instance, you may be tasked with the role of informing visitors about precise directives from the doctor or nurse as far as visiting hours are concerned.

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Becoming a CNA is highly recommended as it is a diverse job, with ample opportunities for employment across all US States. In addition to a choice of diverse working environments with great job security, you will likely find the personal contact with patients to be incredibly rewarding as you are able to help them in their time of need.

As mentioned, the training program can be completed in a matter of weeks so you can get accreditation and started on your new career in no time!

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant? What steps have you taken towards this goal? Let us know in the comments section below.

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