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FOOD & FITNESS / NOV. 09, 2014
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How to Avoid Unhealthy Snacking at Work

Temptation…it manifests itself everywhere we go. And every day we try our best to fight it off. You have to remind yourself what you’d be giving up by giving into it.

We’re probably most familiar with the most form of it—dietary temptation. That is… the struggle to not eat crappy food that’s going to put you in an early grave. Maybe you’re a real champ about managing it when you’re home and your wife/husband can keep you on lockdown.

But what about when you’re at work? What do you do to avoid sneaking away from your desk to pick up some snack food from the vending machine?

Here are a few simple tips for avoiding eating those unhealthy snack foods. 


Bring Some Snacks With You


No brainer, right? Just bring some easy-to-make snacks with you from home. Shoot for a combination of healthy nutrients like fiber and lean proteins, giving you that “full feeling”. Throw in some raising, mixed seeds, and raisins or even some fruit or string cheese which you can keep in the fridge. Don’t sweat lunch either. Just drop in some mixed-green salad and grilled chicken into a container and have it later.

Mind the Liquids

So in a nutshell… it isn’t enough to avoid the unhealthy snacks because you’re not doing yourself any favors by ingesting coffee, juices, and shakes that are super high in calories and sugar.

Conservative Ordering


It’s pretty common to have business lunches… and it’s just as common to fall into the trap of eating too much fat and calories at these. Why is that? Well, according to studies, if there’s a lot of food sitting in front of people, there is a big likelihood that you’ll eat much more.

Keep in mind that restaurants love to serve big portions—which are usually high in fat.

So avoid this problem by just ordering an appetizer as your entrée course. Preferably something easy to prepare like: shrimp cocktail, steamed artichoke, and seviche. Pair that up with tea or coffee to suppress your appetite.

Find Your Inner Peace

What the heck does peace have to do with food? Well, believe it or not, food and stress go hand in hand. The more stressed you are, the more likely it is you’ll eat crappy food. So deal with stress differently. If you feel it surging, get away from your cubicle, take a break, and go for a walk—with a colleague if you prefer. Or call a friend. Doing any of those things will distract you from your urge to…ingest.

Easy On the Crunk

I’m not going to lie…I love to party. Then again, I’m not different from any other millennial at this stage in life. But it’s important that we’re careful how we go about “living it up”. We must be mindful of the chips and cakes that are prevalent at office parties. It’s a tough situation to be in because the temptation is literally all around you. Every co-worker trying to shove that junk food right down your throat. Try to keep your hands occupied by holding a water bottle, and just stay away from as far away from the food as you can.


Hopefully this guideline will help you lay off the bad snacks...

And keep those extra pounds at bay.

That’s all for today, folks.


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