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Nursing Qualifications in Armenia

To become a nurse in Armenia, individuals must graduate from a nursing college and hold the relevant nursing qualifications in order to offer nursing services and work in a hospital or clinic environment.

The Erebouni State Medical College offers a diploma program for individuals seeking to become a qualified nurse in Armenia. Upon graduation from the college, graduates can find employment in a number of different areas in the health care sector.


The college employs approximately 155 lecturers and offers a diverse curriculum for scientific degrees. The degree specializations available include:

  • Pharmacy (2 year course)

  • Midwifery (3 year course)

  • Nursing (3 year course)

  • Laboratory Diagnostics (2 year course)

  • Medical Cosmetology (2 year course)

  • Medical Massage (2 year course)

  • Dental Technology (2 year course)

  • Nursing Administration (4 year course)


Students can study to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science (BSN), which is a 4 years full time program. Graduates of the BSN can continue their education and obtain a Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH).

Individuals do not necessarily have to work as a nurse upon graduation, in fact, students who graduate from the college’s Nursing Administration program often move into careers as nurse managers or lecturers.

Entrance to nursing courses

Depending on the course selected, the entrance requirements will vary. Typically, there is a language and biology entrance examination for candidates seeking entry to any of the nursing related courses available at the college.  

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