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Top 10 Careers That Don't Require a 4-year Degree

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1. Explore the world of careers that don't require a bachelor's degree ..
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Here are the best careers in the US labour market that do not necessarily require college education...

Good news for those not attending university! Top companies such as Google not only hire the smartest talent in the labour market but they also hire individuals without college degrees. In fact, 14% of Google’s workforce did not go to college.

This is backed up by the Brookings Institution which reported that 1 out of 10 jobs in the US do not need a bachelor’s degree. Interestingly, the average pay of these jobs amounts to $53,000 per year.

So, is going to university worth the investment? This is questionable.  According to figures by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE), an undergraduate degree could cost $12,804 per semester at public institutions and as much as $32,184 per semester at private institutions.

What’s more, nearly half of those who pursued a degree never graduated and ended up struggling with a debt of over $30,000, which was detrimental to achieving their career goals.

With so many companies willing to hire non-degree holders, people without an undergraduate degree can network their way into a great career path.  Nowadays, it is easier than ever to land a well-paid and prestigious job without having to attend university. Check out this slideshow by Careerglider to view the top 10 careers that do not require a 4-year degree…

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