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Top 5 Most Unusual Ways to De-Stress

After a hard day at work there’s nothing better than getting home, putting your feet up and relaxing. But what if you’ve had a really stressful day and a nice cuppa and Netflix movie just don’t cut it?

Traditional ways to relax include things like taking a long bath, going out for a run and meditating. But why not try something a little different?

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Here are 5 wacky ways to help you unwind that you might not have thought of:

1. Sniff an orange


To be honest you might look like you have an odd fetish, sitting there sniffing an orange for ten minutes. But according to a study, participants who took a nice whiff of citrus essential oil before a stressful test felt much less anxious than those who didn’t. Apparently it’s even more relaxing than using lavender oil.

2. Massage yourself with balls

massage with balls

A good way to reduce stress is a relaxing massage, but we can’t all afford regular trips to the spa. That’s where balls can come in handy. In Thomas M. Wolf’s book on surviving medical school he suggests a few different techniques including rolling your foot over a golf ball, your hand over a tennis ball and filling a basin with marbles then rubbing your feet over them.

3. Get a bonsai tree

Experts believe that caring for these mini Japanese trees is extremely relaxing because they require lots of careful maintenance and a patient attitude. Studies have shown that nurturing a bonsai can even reduce the risk of contracting a cold or virus. So head to the bonsai shop and get one for your desk.

4. Bathe in red wine

People have some very weird ways of relaxing around the world. In Japan, a very strange phenomenon has emerged involving members of the public taking a dip in so-called ’amusement baths’. These baths might be filled with coffee, tea, sake or red wine. If you do have a go, it’s probably best not to drink the bath water...

5. Do some facial yoga

This is strangely controversial topic. Some experts believe that facial yoga could give you wrinkles; while others believe it removes the signs of tension. It basically involves pulling lots of funny faces. At the very least it’s bound to give you a giggle. Try the following:

  • Contort your face into a surprised look to smooth out the forehead.

  • Puff out your cheeks for greater firmness.

  • Tilt your head upwards whilst smiling to prevent a saggy neck and chin.

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These unusual ways to de-stress seem like a lot of fun! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy pulling funny faces in the mirror?

Which of these unusual relaxation techniques would you like to try? Give one (or all) of them a go and let us know the results in the comments below.

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