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Top 5 Traits You Need on Your CV to Work Abroad

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If you want to work abroad but aren’t sure what overseas employers are looking for, then this is the guide for you. Your CV might already be strong but it might not necessarily emphasise the traits required to work abroad. There are certain qualities employers are looking for especially when it comes to hiring foreign applicants – things such as experience of travel, cross-cultural skills and an eagerness to be challenged. This list will take you through these points in order to increase your chances of getting work abroad, by showing you what overseas employers will be hoping to see on your CV  

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1. You're an experienced traveller

Experienced travellers have many valuable qualities that employers are looking for. If you have travelled to various different parts of the world you’ll be an independent person. Independence is good because it shows strength of character and that you can work on your own initiative. You are also likely to have met lots of new, different people. This proves your strong interpersonal skills.

2. You have strong cross-cultural skills

This is something that often goes hand in hand with travel, but not always. You may not have travelled but possess an international outlook. Employers favour this because it means that you’re sensitive to other cultures and can show patience and tact when dealing with all different kinds of people. You won’t be overcome by culture shock because you know that people from different countries have different ways of working, different lifestyles and different outlooks on life. Here are some tips on how to hone your cross-cultural skills.

3. You possess language skills

Multilinguals are highly sought after by employers. Native English speakers are obviously in high demand abroad, but it also pays to know the language of the country you’re working in and it’s even better if you can speak more languages. It means you can communicate with local and international clients. And if you don’t have language skills, express your willingness to learn the language. Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of people with language skills in Britain despite the high demand for foreign language speakers among British employers. Learning a language could help you stand out from the crowd both abroad and at home.

4. You enjoy a challenge

Moving away to another country and out of your comfort zone isn’t going to be easy. So you need to show that you’re willing to meet the new challenges that come with working abroad head on. You must prove that you’re a resilient person i.e. you’re not going to run off back home when things start to get tough. You are excited about this endeavour and you’re 100% committed to making it work.

5. You adapt well to change

Employers want to know that you can fit into new environments quickly. It’s not the same as moving to a different company within your home city. Your working environment, the people around you and the way they work could be entirely new to you. There might be different things expected of you as an employee when you’re abroad. For example, the Japanese work notoriously long hours and place a large emphasis on teamwork in business environments.

So you need to be a flexible individual who won’t find all of the new and unfamiliar experiences too difficult to deal with. Also, make sure to state that you’re curious and you’re seeking out a change. You’re going to welcome and fully enjoy your new surroundings and the new way of working.

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If you make sure you include several if not all of these positive traits on your CV you’ll be much more likely to get hired abroad. On a final note, i’s vital to remember to back up what you write on your CV with strong examples. It’s not good enough to just say you have a quality; you need to really prove it.

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