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LEADERSHIP / JAN. 12, 2015
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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Change-Oriented Leadership?

Various forms of leadership provide people with many options to use in good or bad situations. One of the most effective leadership forms is change-oriented leadership, which is based on visionary change, according to Team Technology. This leadership style can help you reach great heights in your personal life or business. However, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this leadership style before you adopt it, as the disadvantages may ruin the benefits you may realize.


Change-oriented leaders are flexible and more willing to make adjustments whenever necessary. They are often looking for new challenges and goals that their organization can attempt to achieve. If an approach fails, they may change the way in which they do things to adapt to the challenges. If you are a change-oriented leader, you may be good at managing crises. Many organizations that adopted change-oriented leadership during the economic downturn may have been able to overcome the challenges at a more rapid rate than others did.


When employees interact with their change-oriented leaders, they may become inspired because such leaders are not afraid to accept input from all quarters, including their subordinates. If the input has the potential to bring about positive transformation to the business, these leaders will embrace it. Such leaders inspire their followers by maintaining a good rapport with them. Leaders who use their wisdom to bring changes that enable an organization to come out stronger after a catastrophe may inspire their subordinates to start thinking of innovative ways to solve problems. Eventually, the followers may appreciate and respect the leader enough to increase their motivation.


Frequent policy changes that change-oriented leadership may often create confusion among the subordinates. The leaders, therefore, need to clarify new goals and methods frequently to avoid disillusion and frustration brought about by excessive changes. In addition, the goals may overlap and undermine each other. Therefore, you may have to incorporate all your goals and understand their effect before you implement them.

Too Many Responsibilities

A change-oriented leader may be overwhelmed by undertaking too many responsibilities in an attempt to bring meaningful change. As a result, the leader may not have enough personal time. Your other personal relationships may therefore be affected, as a change-oriented leader. Furthermore, change-oriented leaders often take responsibility for the mistakes of members of their teams. If you fail to complete a project, the confidence the group has in you may be eroded.

Stress and Worries

A change-oriented leader is always expected to refresh his or her knowledge by maintaining a rapid and continuous learning. The anxiety that comes with the fear of failure as well as the unpredictability of the external environment may create stress. You have to be ready to learn and change to adapt to societal changes, member preferences and new challenges.


As a leader, it may benefit you and your followers if you embrace a change-oriented leadership style. However, you should be careful when adopting this leadership style because of its disadvantages.

Image Source: The New School

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