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Which Character from "The Office" Are You Most Like?

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1. David Brent – Office Manager
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As general manager of a small paper merchant, he prides himself on being in charge of other people. He is self-centered, delusional, and obsessed with being an ‘entertainer’ before being a good boss. He tries to be politically correct yet fails the majority of the time, and his skills are very basic, though his moonwalking and guitar playing allow him to show off to his subordinates on a regular basis. Brent is an egotistical and hypocritical individual who regularly falls victim to cringe worthy faux-pas.

The Office television series has become a favourite amongst working professionals all over the world! The awkward situations, political correctness (or lack of), and hilarious office moments keep us motivated and grateful that out jobs and office is not as bad! The characters played in the sitcom are transferable to everyday life, and many of us know someone just like an office character, or can identify ourselves as one of the characters!


Check out the character types to see who you most relate to.

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