The Best Career Choices for Your Personality Type

Your natural attributes can play a decisive role in your professional journey. We look at suitable careers based on prominent traits.

Reviewed by Melina Theodorou

Careers based on personality type

Your key personality traits play a significant role when choosing a career that is right for you. 

Sure, you might be dreaming about becoming a singer, for example, but that dream could be a far reach if you’re shy and introverted. To find a suitable career path, you need to look deeper into your character and consider your strengths first to test your personality

Our own CareerHunter work personality test can help you do just that by evaluating your personality type and identifying the best jobs based on your interests and behavioural preferences. 

Keep reading to find out more about the 29 personality traits included in our test and the most suitable careers for each one. 

1. Organized 

If you like planning and organising activities, using checklists to track your tasks and getting a buzz when you tick them off, then there are a handful of careers suited to your personality. 

Besides enjoying the organisational aspect of things, you may also be a punctual individual with excellent time-management skills and an eye for detail. After all, organised persons tend to be perfectionists that ensure the smooth running of all aspects of their lives – including their careers.

Suggested careers:

2. Active 

Physically active people enjoy having a constant supply of hands-on tasks to work on. They get bored quickly in repetitive jobs and thrive when they have the opportunity to carry out responsibilities that require physical activity. 

If you like experimenting and trying new things, have lots of energy and enjoy facing the unknown, then you should work in a job where no two days are the same.

Suggested careers:

3. Disciplined 

Following rules and guidelines are essential when it comes to people with disciplined work personalities. Individuals that boast this characteristic are punctual, trustworthy and efficient. Moreover, they will not do anything that goes against their views and beliefs. 

Suggested careers:

4. Compassionate 

Compassionate individuals care a lot about those around them; if you are an empath, you fall into this category. As a compassionate individual, you tend to offer kindness and place people’s wellbeing above yours.

Suggested careers:

5. Persuasive

Being persuasive by nature is essential in various professional arenas. If you have the gift of the gab and can influence others’ decisions and opinions, then you could excel in a suitable role. Besides being able to convince others with a good pitch or argument, persuasive characters also have outstanding presentation and communication skills.

Suggested careers:

6. Methodical

If you tend to pay close attention to detail and follow a systematic thought process, then you can consider yourself to have a methodical character. People with this trait tend to be curious individuals that work with precision and stick closely to established procedures. 

Suggested careers:

7. Forward thinker 

Individuals that are forward-thinking like to plan ahead, foresee future issues or set new trends. So, if you are open-minded, innovative and enjoy pioneering new solutions and developments, then you will fall into this category. Along with having a forward-thinking mindset, you should also be optimistic and a meticulous planner. 

Suggested careers:

8. Motivator 

Motivators tend to be large personalities who are keen on encouraging and inspiring others. If you help people meet their objectives and encourage them to believe in themselves, then you fall under this personality type. As a motivator, you can influence the direction of others and guide them to a better path.

Suggested careers:

9. Ambitious 

If you set goals that are often difficult to reach and don’t back down when met with a challenge, then you are suited for a career that offers lots of professional development. Ambitious individuals want to succeed in every endeavour and use their talents to do so. 

Suggested careers:

10. Restrained

Restrained individuals tend to take criticism lightly and can keep their emotions under control in challenging situations. This is a great type of person to have in demanding, high-pressure work environments. They are careful of what they say and how their actions may affect other people around them.

Suggested careers:

  • Actuary
  • Broadcast news analyst
  • Customer inspector

11. Extrovert 

Outgoing persons enjoy being around others and naturally draw people to them; they are bubbly and sociable and can comfortably break the ice in uncomfortable situations. As an extrovert, you will likely work well in a team environment or a front-facing role. 

Suggested careers:

12. Behaviour analytical 

Do you tend to analyse every situation and pay close attention to detail? Are you interested in people’s motives and reactions? Behaviour analytical people can be empathetic listeners but also inquisitive characters who enjoy observing those around them. 

Suggested careers:

13. Resourceful 

Resourceful personality types are creative by nature and often come up with innovative solutions for challenging problems. They can come up with ways to achieve their end goal and make use of the resources at hand. 

Suggested careers:

14. Practical 

Are you a pragmatic and rational thinker? If so, you may possess the practical personality trait: you enjoy fixing things, work well under pressure and find logical solutions to ongoing issues. You can set clear goals and achieve them without doubt by following a series of logical steps. 

Suggested careers:

15. Coordinator 

Do you like taking charge of situations and making arrangements? Do you enjoy leading others and giving them instructions and feedback? Coordinators usually thrive in environments where they can offer support and build trust with others while also having some authority over the project they are working on. 

Suggested careers:

  • Administrative services manager
  • Architect
  • Editor

16. Sociable 

Sociable individuals have an outgoing personality and enjoy conversing with others, asking questions and finding out personal information. They are easy to be around and work well on their own or within a group of people. They use their communication skills to quickly build meaningful relationships with those around them. 

Suggested careers:

17. Consultative 

Consultative personality types are easy to talk to and pay special attention to people’s requests to address their concerns and offer personalised support. They are problem-solvers who enjoy helping others and bringing their visions to life. 

Suggested careers:

18. Communicative 

If you are a good communicator who can express your thoughts with ease, then you will do well in roles where you can contribute to team projects and offer services to others. 

Communicative people cultivate confidence in others and can explain things clearly and concisely. 

Suggested careers:

19. Self-confident 

Believing in yourself and your abilities comes naturally to those who are self-confident. They don’t look to others for guidance or approval and are aware of their talent. 

Confident people have a realistic picture of their strengths and weaknesses and use it to their advantage when it comes to their work. 

Suggested careers:

20. Autonomous 

Do you enjoy offering your creative input and having the freedom to make your own choices? Individuals who enjoy having independence in the workplace tend to have great attention to detail and good time-management skills. They thrive in autonomous roles and responsibilities where there is little involvement of other team members. 

Suggested careers:

21. Optimistic 

Optimists tend to see the glass half-full rather than half-empty. They always draw on the positives and are flexible when finding solutions and dealing with difficult situations. People with this personality trait view everything as an opportunity rather than an obstacle and take on any challenge they face.

Suggested careers:

22. Theoretical 

Theoretical individuals enjoy discussions, analysis and working with abstract concepts. They tend to prioritise theory over practicality and devote time to studying and understanding complicated subjects that may not have simple solutions. Research is often a large focus in their career.

Suggested careers:

23. Challenging

Do you enjoy a good challenge and are always determined to do your best? Any task is never big enough, and you thrive in difficult situations. Challenging people are ambitious and courageous - they dare to step out of their comfort zone to achieve new levels of success. 

Suggested careers:

  • Acquisition manager
  • Physicist
  • Special forces officer

24. Fair 

Fair people tend to respond in a manner that’s favourable and considerate to others. They respect people’s feelings and offer advice and guidance in digestible ways. They can separate their personal feelings and remain unbiased in the workplace. 

Suggested careers:

  • Childcare worker
  • Judge 
  • Umpire

25. Decisive 

If you’re a confident decision-maker, you tend to not waste time and quickly evaluate situations. Having the ability to recognise key factors and make quick decisions is crucial for certain roles, which is why it’s important to have a decisive personality. 

Suggested careers:

26. Calm 

Remaining cool and collected in demanding situations is a rare skill to have. People with a calm personality tend to be level-headed individuals who rarely get agitated or overreact. They can help others feel heard and secure and stay calm in an emergency.  

Suggested careers:

27. Open to change 

If you like trying new things, then you’d work well in a role with evolving responsibilities. You react positively to change and get bored with repetitive tasks. In addition, you enjoy finding solutions to problems and won’t give in until you have accomplished a positive result.

Suggested careers:

28. Flexible 

Flexible individuals easily adapt to new situations and can switch from one task to another with ease. They are open-minded and are receptive to feedback and change. If you are a flexible person, then you take innovative approaches to problems and tasks and come up with creative ideas and solutions.

Suggested careers:

29. Rational 

Are you a pragmatic and strategic thinker? Do you focus on finding practical solutions to a problem? If so, you’re a rational person who views things in a fair manner. As well as being results-oriented, rational individuals are strong-willed and self-determined to achieve career success. 

Suggested careers:

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Urban planner 

Final thoughts

Although personality traits aren’t the only factor that should determine the type of role that you should pursue, they can play a crucial part in achieving job satisfaction and career success. 

Being aware of your main personality traits and knowing which careers you are suited for will help you make more confident decisions regarding your professional path. 

Start a conversation! Which of these traits match your personality? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.

This article is an updated version of an earlier article originally published on 30 June 2016.