5 Reasons Why Staying Calm Under Pressure Will Make You Successful

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Individuals who are able to stay calm under pressure will increase their chances of being successful and accomplishing their goals. People who maintain that calm mental outlook while in the middle of a chaotic situation can see beyond the chaos and find a solution. According to research completed by Talent Smart, 90% of top performers in the workplace have a high EQ or emotional intelligence quotient. 58% of our job performance is based on our EQ. Basically, our emotional intelligence is how effective we are at behaving and responding in a mature manner, as well as our ability to properly process circumstances around us. Part of having a high EQ involves our ability to stay calm when under pressure. This article will address 5 reasons why staying calm in these pressurized situations will make you successful.


1. You Develop Patience

One reason staying calm under pressure can make you successful is that you learn how to develop patience. For a successful professional, patience is extremely important in helping you to effectively deal with crisis situations and excel through all the obstacles that come your way. Consider the following factor on how patience is developed through a stressful situation.

  • The actual act of stopping to breathe deeply helps your body to decrease its stress level and alerts your brain to know that you need to decompress and calm down. After you send this signal to your brain, it then alerts the rest of your body to relax. However, if you are panicked and not calm, your heart rate and breathing increases and your blood pressure rises. These things can begin to slow down back to a normal pace as you begin to calm your breathing.

2. You Develop Optimism

Staying calm under pressure can also make you successful because you develop optimism. Having an optimistic outlook is another important quality of an effective leader. Successful people see the silver lining in all situations and realize that optimism is an invaluable part of motivating them, their colleagues and employees to succeed.

  • People who stay calm under pressure have realized that focusing on positive things will help them to relieve stress while in negative situations. During a stressful situation, negative thoughts only work toward increasing your stress level and that is not good for your body or helpful in making effective decisions. Focusing on positive thoughts will aid in decreasing your stress level and keeping you more optimistic.

3. You Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

Another reason why staying calm can make you successful is that you eliminate negative self-talk from your life. If you take a look at successful people, they do not allow negative self-talk to invade their lives. These individuals have achieved their level of success by focusing on positive self-talk as an invaluable means of motivating them and their team members toward success.

  • During stressful situations, people who stay calm are able to eliminate negative self-talk and focus on calming their body down through focusing on positive self-talk. These individuals do not focus on all the catastrophes that could occur, but haven’t yet. They do not polarize everything and see all circumstances as either positive or negative. They know how to find the middle ground in situations and balance the reality with hope for future change.

4. You Develop a Positive Mindset

Successful people have a positive mindset that propels them forward to continually try to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to issues and problems in the workplace and their businesses. Staying calm under pressure can make you successful as you develop a positive mindset through your stressful experiences.

  • Successful people know how to remold their mindset so the situations do not tear them up, but make them stronger individuals. They are able to handle negative situations because they don’t focus solely on what went wrong, but also seek to find what went right. They don’t become victims of circumstance, but rather become victors of their own true reality.

5. You Become a Team Player

The final reason staying calm during a stressful situation can make you successful is that you become a team player. Being a team player and skilled in the art of working well with others and building a team, is one important quality of a successful person. Knowing how to effectively interact with different types of people and help everyone relate well to each other can help you to accomplish great things in your workplace or business.

  • Calm people do not run around like a chicken without its head during a crisis. Rather, they are focused and able to quickly assess the situation and ascertain what they can do to effect positive change, and what they need help in accomplishing. These individuals then delegate crisis management steps to others and help everyone make it through the stressful situation.

Are you the type of person who can stay calm while experiencing a crisis? Why do you think staying calm under pressure can make you more successful?