The Importance of Ethics in Professional Growth And Career Development

good ethics in business Norwich University

Workplace ethics play a vital role in both career development and professional growth. They build a positive reputation for companies, which is integral to business success. Employers seek candidates with integrity to ensure increased productivity which means ethical workers are rewarded with advancement opportunities.

Having top qualifications without strong ethics compromises career development opportunities. Successful employees have a strong educational background and personal ethics. These qualities are drawn from life experiences and personal values. However, professional ethics are a product of education and can be fortified with exposure to great organisational culture.

A strong workplace culture focuses on key values, such as integrity and openness. Successful businesses promote a strong alignment between ethical practices and overall company values. Many organisations require employees to follow a code of ethics when handling daily duties. Adhering to the code makes it easy to provide a high quality and reliable service. A company that does not value integrity can easily face legal woes because of the behaviour of its leaders and workforce. That is a major reason why 79% of employees believe that ethics are important in continuing to work for their employers.

To learn more about how ethics plays a key role in good business outcomes, check out this infographic created by Norwich University’s Online Master of Science in Leadership program.