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Why People Quit Their Jobs

Most people try to hang on to their jobs for as long as they can; nobody wants to leave an environment they know and feel safe in for the unknown. But, what happens when employees are forced to work in environments where they don’t feel safe, and where they feel like they are on the verge of insanity day in, day out?

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There are lots of stories of people who gave up on their jobs because of their nightmare bosses, and their stories would make most of us feel lucky to be where we are. Of course, there are also other reasons employees leave their jobs; it could be that their moving cities, countries or even industries.

It’s an unfortunate time when employees decide to leave because you come to rely on your employees, and after spending time and effort training them, it’s really difficult to start all over again. This is why, as an employer, you should focus on employee retention and why you should try to create a company culture where employees are blissful. And although some things might be out of your control, you can make sure that the following don’t happen in your workplace:

1. They Are Bored

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Employees spend so much of their time at work which is why they want to do meaningful work; they need to be passionate about their work so that the time spent there does not feel like a waste of their time.

If you have employees who seem to be bored you should help them, you should give them challenges, and you should promote a fun work environment employees enjoy coming to every day.

2. Annoying Colleagues

Having to deal with annoying colleagues is the bane of every worker’s existence. Although you can’t do much about this as an employer, what you should definitely try and do is to promote a friendly office culture. Make sure that there’s always an activity that employees can look forward to and also promote teamwork.

The best solution is to hire people who you believe would fit in with your team. Try and think of what most people in the office are like and keep an eye out for candidates that you believe would get along with them. It might seem excessive, but if the price you’ll have to pay for not going through this trouble is losing employee after employee, then you really need to consider your priorities.

3. Company’s Financial State

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If your employees start suspecting that the boat is sinking, they are going to want to jump. Employees take note of lack of sales, competitors’ success, merges, salaries freezes and these things always make them feel unsafe. They don’t want to remain committed to a company that’s not doing well.

If your company is not doing great, don’t hide this from your employees, talk to them and assure them that you are going to do your very best to turn things around, explain to them that you’d like them to stay by your side and fight with you to save the company. Most employees, you will find, will remain loyal to you if you are straightforward with them.

4. Lack of Freedom

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Most employees appreciate being independent and being relied upon, so try not to be an overbearing boss. Allow your employees their own space and pace and you’ll find that they’ll come back with better results.

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What do you think is the main reason employees quit their jobs? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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