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Why You Should Research a Company You Want to Work For

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You will often hear career experts telling you that you should research the company before going into the interview room. While this is an old piece of advice, it is still true. Conducting research on an employer is essential for many reasons. It helps you learn more about the company you are hoping to work at and allows you to approach employers in a more effective way while trying to convince them you are the best fit for the job.

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So, are some reasons you should conduct research on the company you want to work for:

#1 To Figure Why You Want to Work There

At first, you don’t know much about an employer but when you take the time to research what the organisation is doing and what the work environment looks like you get a clearer idea of what you are getting yourself into. Usually, when you learn more about a potential employer, you either get to love the idea of working at the company or hate it. There is no in between. Learning more about the organisation is crucial as it will allow you to find out why you want to work for that employer and how long you are likely to stay there.

#2 To Show Your Commitment

Researching the company is another excellent way to show employers your interest in the job. It demonstrates the willingness to learn more about the company as well as your passion and commitment. This shows that you are interested in the long-term rewards that the company has to offer in terms of knowledge and professional development as well as offering your services in the best possible way. 

#3 To Market Yourself Better

Reading a company’s mission statement will help you identify certain words or phrases they are using and put these into your resume, cover letter and also mention them in the interview. This will show employers that you understand the role and what is required of you and as such you may be the perfect fit for the job. It will also demonstrate that you know how to effectively explain your skills and make them relevant to the position.

#4 To Understand What The Company Wants

When searching for a job, you will be thinking how you can associate your skills with the competencies that you are required to possess to fill the position. Now the best way you can do that is by becoming familiar with what the company wants from you. As you would imagine conducting research on the employer will give you much greater insight in what they are currently working on and will allow you to align your goals with theirs.  

#5 To Figure Out How You Will Succeed in the Job

Company research gives you access to successful job stories from people who have worked or are currently working at the company and have done something exceptional. If you are serious about the job, learning more about how you can succeed in the role you are interested in will help you become familiar with their processes and reward system. Not only will this help you figure out what they are looking for in candidates but also find out what their expectations are from their employees and what are the qualities that describe their top performers. 

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Conducting your research on companies that you are interested is vital if you want to get on the employers’ good side. Not only does this show them that you care about the position but also allows you to get out a great deal of information about the company, which might have been impossible to get your hands on otherwise. It’s pretty simple. No research, no job.

Have you ever faced an employer without researching the company first? How did it go? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below...

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