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3 Easy Ways to Get on Your Boss' Good Side Today

Work relationships are complicated, but when it comes to the relationship with your boss that’s a really tough one, isn’t it? Since the dawn of employment, employees and bosses have hated each other’s guts. They – the employers- hate us because they believe that we never do enough – not in the sense that we never meet our daily targets or anything like that, no, according to them we should want to spend hours upon hours willingly slaving away in the office. And on the other hand, we hate them because they are never understanding enough, they never pay us enough, or because they never give us enough days off.

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But the reality is that cultivating a good relationship with your boss can mean a lot of great things to you. First of all, the workplace will become a friendlier, and more bearable place to be in every day. Second, you’ll make yourself eligible for raises and promotions. And thirdly, you can finally build a professional relationship – the sort that real adults always boast about.

But, if you’ve been at war with your boss it might not be as easy as a wide smile and complimenting them on their outfit. You may need to do a bit more than that. To help you out we’ve put together a list of things you can that will help you go the extra mile in a breeze. So, read on for the top three ways to get on your boss’ good side starting today.

1. Understand That They Are Human Too

Unbelievable as it may be bosses are just as human as we are. Shocker, I know, but they have after work lives and interests and they like a good time as much as the next person. If you find this hard to believe it’s probably because you haven’t been paying attention. I’m fairly certain that your boss has been talking or at least been mentioning her dogs or cats, her holiday plans etc.

What you have to do now is pay close attention when she’s talking, don’t just stop listening whenever she opens her mouth, listen and make note of the things she says and occasionally ask her about them.

I’ll tell you this much, if your boss is a cat person and you ask her how little Fluffy is doing then bam: you got on her good side.

2. Show Your Appreciation

woman with coffees

If you think that you are showing your appreciation by not quitting then you seriously need to take a step back and think of what your boss does for you. Sure they get compensated for it, but they still care enough to help you when you need it and they don’t –really- expect you to be superhuman.

So, do little acts of kindness that will help you get on their good side. Talk them up to clients whenever you get the chance, and be polite when you email them. A thank you and a please always go a long way.

Also, if it’s a really busy day at the office help them out. Ask what you can do to take some work off their back, and if you can’t, make them a coffee or some tea. Really, you’ll be boiling water for yourself anyway so how much trouble is it really to put in an extra cup? It’s not like you are going to have to milk the cow yourself.

3. Bring Solutions to Them

talking to the boss

Dilemmas come up in everyone’s work and we all have issues to deal with. Most of us run to our bosses every time asking them what we should do. But can you even imagine how annoying that is for the boss? So, rather than running up to them to tell them about your trouble follow this strategy: Identify your problem, do some research on the internet and come up with at least two different solutions to your problem. Then go to your boss and explain to them what the problem is and show them your suggestions. Even if they find your suggestions inapplicable, they’re still going to appreciate the fact that you didn’t come to them with a problem but that you showed initiative.

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Having a boss doesn’t necessarily mean that you have someone above you that you should loathe. If you put some effort into it you can actually build a strong and friendly relationship with your boss.

What’s your relationship with your boss like? Share with us in the comment section below.

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