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WORKPLACE / JUL. 01, 2015
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5 Struggles at Work Only Selfish People Will Understand

It’s a dog-eat-dog world! You are the only person who cares about you, the only one who is looking out for your best interests. If you don’t make sure that you get ahead in the world, who will?

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This attitude is going to help you go far in life, and who cares how many people you trample in your wake? You’re going to become successful and rich, so everyone else can kiss your a**! The problems that may arise at work are insignificant because they are "everyone else’s" problems:

1. Everyone is Whiny And Demanding

Have you never noticed how people are always annoying or making you angry? They always make silly requests like "Can you help me?" or "Do you have a moment of time?". Can’t they see how busy you are? What a bunch of a-holes!

Thankfully, you’re the sort of gracious person who has no problem telling them, "Nope, can’t help you! Too busy doing my own thing." Imagine what would happen if you actually took the time to help them out! You’d never get anything done.

2. You Work With a Bunch of Ingrates

Why can’t they understand that you’re trying to help them out, not criticize them? Perhaps the phrasing may not be to their liking when you say, "You’re doing a terrible job, so do better", but that doesn’t mean they should reject your suggestion outright.

As a busy professional with a lot on your plate, you just don’t have the time to spare. But you still have plenty of unsolicited advice and counsel to offer. The recipients of said counsel are just ingrates for not appreciating your words of wisdom.

3. People Are Always Complaining

please, tell me more!

You’re pretty familiar with the sight of Jeff from HR, because he regularly brings you fresh complaints lodged by your co-workers. You’ve accustomed to the "someone said you did something horrible" song and dance, no matter how much of a waste of time it is.

Why do your co-workers have to complain about you all the time? Can’t they just man up and stand up for themselves? Calling you a "poor team player" or "overbearing a**" isn’t helping anyone!

4. People Expect More From You

Expect more from you

Do one nice thing, and everyone feels they’re entitled to more nice things!

For once, you ignored your natural instincts and went out of your way to do something nice--like bringing a few donuts to work or putting out your cigarette around that co-worker’s child. From then on, it’s like you’re the freakin’ Pope, expected to do nice things all the time! Can’t they see that you’re already doing everything you can just to hold silent and not criticize them? That should be enough.

5. You Work For Idiots

Work with idiots

So your boss passed you up for a promotion again? That’s the third time in five years. How is this happening? You’re doing all the work you need to in order to advance your career. How are they so blind and stupid that they can’t see that?

Sure, they said that you’re "not a good leader" and that "everyone in the office wishes you were dead", but that shouldn’t play a factor in your promotion! You deserve the promotion because you’re the one who wants it most. If they can’t understand that, they’re as idiotic as you always suspected they were.

In order to be an effective employee, you have to think mainly about yourself and make decisions that will benefit you. Everyone else is doing the same, so why should you be any different? In this competitive world, you’re just doing what you can to get ahead, right? Co-workers be damned!

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Do you know any selfish people? How are their attitudes affecting them? What struggles do they face? Leave a comment and let us know…

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