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How to Become a Cake Decorator

cake decorator

Do you have a burning passion for taking your out-of-the-box imagination and transforming it into amazing works of edible art?

Have you looked at one, two, three, or maybe all episodes of TLC’s, Charm City Cakes, Cake Boss or Cupcake Wars, in high anticipation and amazement and said to yourself, “I could definitely do that”?

If you answered yes to these questions, then cake decorating is a career you should consider.

What is a Cake Decorator?

A cake decorator is someone who has been professionally trained to bake and decorate cakes for events such as, weddings, birthdays, retirements and other celebratory occasions.

Some cake decorators may only be responsible for decorating cakes, while the responsibility for baking is left up to the baking assistant.

What Does a Cake Decorator Do?

A cake decorator’s job is to keep his clients’ satisfied with the end product – a cake that taste and looks great. In addition, other tasks include:

  • Maintenance of a clean environment for preparing all cakes
  • Drawing sketches of cake ideas
  • Schedule appointments for cake consultation
  • Delivery of cakes to the requested destination
  • Staying on top of the latest trends in the cake decorating industry
  • Preparing edible and non-edible items that are food safe and consistent with the theme of the cake

Where Does a Cake Decorator Work?

Bakeries are the main type of work environment for cake decorators. Also, restaurants, cruise ships and hotels, employ cake decorators. A cake decorator can also choose to be self-employed by opening their own bakery or running the business from home.

In the U.S., for persons desirous of running their business from home, the Cottage Food Law applies and vary by state. The cake decorator will have to check with the food state’s regulatory board to determine the legal requirements to operate a food-based operation in their home.

In the U.K., persons can apply via HM Revenue and Customs and meet the relevant criteria to establish a food-based operation in their home.


What is the Average Annual Salary of a Cake Decorator?

The average annual income of a cake decorator is between USD 17,000 – USD 31,000. The annual income depends on the following:

  • Self-employment or if the cake decorator is employed by another business entity
  • The number of clients
  • The reputability of the cake decorator
  • The event – cake decorators earn more money from wedding cakes
  • Intricacies of the cake - the more intricate the cake, the more a cake decorator can charge

What are the Required Skills and Education to Become a Successful Cake Decorator?

The complexities of cakes have evolved over the years. From detailed piping work to cakes that are replicated in the form of a car, hand bag or teacup. So, many cake decorators who wish to hone their skills to achieve these admirable skills can choose one, two or all of the following training mediums:


Cake decorators who want basic knowledge may opt for training via, Youtube, cake decorating forums, magazines and videos produced by other cake decorators.


Do you want to keep up with the latest trends in the cake decorating industry, take a refresher course or learn from some of the best cake decorating experts, such as Kerry Vincent, Ron Ben Israel or Mike Mc Carey? There are various one-day, two-day and or even a week of cake decorating workshops you can attend.

Culinary Institutes

Training in cake decorating consists of a Certification, Diploma and a Degree in Culinary Arts. Here are some culinary institutes to consider in order to undertake any or all of these levels of training:

Once you have decided to embark on a Cake Decorating career, start by deciding which training medium is right for you, the level of attainment (Certificate, Diploma or Culinary Arts Degree) and the requirements in order to commence training.

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