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How to Boost Workplace Productivity Despite Limited Resources

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Every day, we come across numerous articles describing companies with the best workplaces in the world. We then compare ourselves to such companies and consider the disparities that separate us from them. And in most cases, we usually find ourselves on the downside of things...

Yet in Many Cases, Limited Resources Don’t Necessarily Limit Workplace Productivity

There are people who have the tendency to be motivated by resource deficiency. In fact, they’re triggered to work even harder by outdoing their limiting situations and producing outstanding results. Then we’ve got those that are blessed with an inconceivable abundance of company resources but, for some reason, they’re just lazy. They derive comfort in the fact that whether they work hard or not, that won’t change their favourable situation.

What Does the Above Scenario Tell Us?

For starters, unique personalities respond differently to similar situations:

  • Some people work hard for their own career development while others are relentlessly finding ways to revolutionize their career industry.
  • And so you’ll find that limited resources don’t necessarily standardize individual work performance.
  • But they do help in boosting the overall productivity and morale of the workforce.

To What Extent Then Does an Abundance of Resources Affect Us Individually?

Again, as I reiterated earlier, people respond differently to the workplace situations that they’re exposed to:

  • You’ve got to consider your track record and see whether you perform better under resource abundance or resource scarcity.
  • Moreover, you’ll need to dig deeper and look at the physical, emotional and psychological impact that resource availability has on your individual work performance.

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And since most people are on the downside of resource sufficiency, we should ask...

How Does One Boost Workplace Productivity Despite Limited Resources?

#1 Deal with the Limiting Stereotypes through Improvisation

There are standard means of fulfilling certain tasks in the office. And to deliver on your work, then you’ll need the necessary apparatus to finish the job:

  • Of course, if you have no such apparatus, then the obvious conclusion might be that the job can’t be done.
  • Yet, as we said earlier, you’ll find that people with limited resources can at times come up with outstanding work.
  • All it takes is for you to forget the limiting stereotypes and think of ways you can improvise to get the job done.
  • That way, you’ll realize exceptional returns for having broken the common rules of engagement.

#2 Get Creative by Expanding your Range of Products and Services

It is one thing to boost profit through improvisation but it’s another to practice value addition through creative expansion of products and services. The only extra addition of resource needed is your knack for creativity:

  • Consider industries that are forced to pay hefty taxes for carbon emissions.
  • To curb the cost incurred by carbon tax, companies are now waking up to the reality that waste is also a resource.
  • So, instead of disposing of waste and destroying the environment, they’re now expanding their range of products and services through proper waste management.
  • Unlike improvisation, you’re fully exhausting everything and coming up with something useful. Thus, your creativity ensures that nothing of value is wasted.

#3 Work on Your Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Resource Management

What I’ve presented to you is just a snapshot of a much bigger picture. And since I’m not in the business of lecturing people, it’s essential for you to do your own homework:

  • Attend resource management courses if you have to.
  • The Internet is overflowing with such kind of information, as well.
  • There are also books giving tangible advice regarding resource management.
  • Ultimately, some extra effort is needed if you are to ever make informed decisions regarding waste management.

From what we’ve discussed, it seems clear that alternatives should be rigorously sought if we are to ever boost workplace productivity despite limited resources. Otherwise, we will always find ourselves merely settling for ’viable’ excuses to justify our comfortable limits. As Jim Rohn once said, 

If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

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