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How to Find a Job with an English Degree

As English Majors, we have all heard the scoffs, challenged looks of disbelief, and answered the often rhetorically phrased question, “what type of Job can you get with that degree?" In all actuality there are plenty of jobs that are a perfect fit for the English Major; namely, jobs in advertising, management, web development, and HR. If you’re fresh out of the gate, here are some tips to help you land your dream job, English Degree in hand...

Get in Early

Once you graduate or when you are just about to graduate, start looking for an internship. This offers you the opportunity to get some "on the job" training. In addition, many employers that hire for internships are looking to groom a new employee, this employee could be you if you play your cards right.

Internships in communications, business management, and journalism could offer a wealth of opportunities for gaining experience points. They key to getting an internship is setting career goals for your future. This will guide you when you are choosing a company or organisation to intern with.

Communication is Key

In essence, your English degree has provided you with excellent verbal and written communication skills. These types of skill are considered vital assets in the business world. They allow you to effectively communicate ideas, aid you in negotiations, and help you creatively attack difficult projects. A degree in English is a secret weapon, since you have been given the skills you need to think both creatively and critically.

Wow Them with Eloquence

As an English major, you should have a knack for writing convincing material - start with your resume. Your resume should be short, sweet, and to the point. Focus on the meat; make sure your resume pops using all the right attention grabbing language, sans flare. 

During your interview, show your attention to detail by using articulate, convincing speech. Take time to analyse what is being asked of you and answer interview questions smartly, but not overconfidently. During an interview, it is not uncommon for the interviewer to attempt to "trip up" the interviewee. Use your skills of deduction to identify the trip up questions and answer accordingly.

Be a Problem Solver

English majors are practiced in the art of critical thinking. This skill is part of an extremely desirable skill set sought after by potential employers. During your interview, you may be asked to present a solution for a hypothetical problem you may face on the job. This is the time to let your critical thinking skills shine. Take your time, break down the situation like you would your favourite Shakespeare, and use facts, figures, and important details to work out a feasible solution.

The Power of the Cover Letter

As an English major, you already possess a killer skill set for just about any job. Critical thinking and creative skills make you a desirable candidate for most jobs. They key is to impress your potential employer the right away. Do not underestimate the power of the cover letter, unlike with your resume, your cover letter gives you the chance to make a great impression with a potential employer from the get go. Display your skills with your CV and your lack of professional experience may be less important to your potential employer. 

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