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WORKPLACE / AUG. 26, 2014
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How to Maintain Professional Rationality Despite Emotional Upheaval in the Workplace

Everybody likes keeping their peace at the workplace. I mean, we just want to get things done smoothly and get along with people. Well, the problem with that is that first we’re not robots, and second, we’re humans. And as human beings, emotions tend to influence the decisions we make in the workplace. The positive side of emotions is the easy part because many wouldn’t mind an abrupt burst of happiness. However, dealing with the negatives is a whole different story considering the fact that emotional upheavals tend to be triggered when we least expect it.

Which Emotional Upheaval Triggers are These?
Despite the fact that we try our best to stick to professional rationality in our daily workplace affairs, emotional upheaval triggers are bound to happen. And this is largely because of our own imperfections and the loopholes of various workplaces. And so, one can be met with unexpected emotional upheaval triggers such as:

  • Confronting a frustrating task that just won’t give in.
  • Critical Personal Matters that keep cropping up in one’s mind such as unpaid bills, family squabbles and so forth.
  • Interruption of thought by distractive activities in the workplace such as abrupt annoying gestures by workmates.
  • Interruption of day’s schedule by unexpected workload.
  • Demotivation by a domineering and overbearing boss.
  • Poor working environment that lacks basic and standard amenities.
  • Being overworked and underpaid.
  • Underperformance at the workplace which might lead to job loss.

How then Does One Maintain Professional Rationality Despite Emotional Upheaval?
Sometimes, there are workplace challenges that are bound to happen despite our best efforts to avert their possibility of occurrence. However, when it comes to emotions, this is an internal factor within our grasp. Therefore, in a bid to maintain a rational thought process in the workplace, it’s your personal responsibility to:

#1 Be Psychologically Prepared For Unexpected Emotional Triggers
To begin with, you can list down all challenges in the workplace that are bound to happen. Consequently, you’ll find out the situations within your control that can be eradicated. That way, when confronted with inevitable emotional triggers, you’ll have figured out how to deal with each of them without compromising on your professional rationality.

#2 Maintain an overall Healthy Well Being
Ultimately, emotional upheavals boil down to our normal wellbeing. From having a balanced diet to plenty of sleep and exercise, these are but some of a few simple yet effective personal strategies that anyone can adapt to without unnecessary inconveniences. In any case, healthy people tend to be happier than unhealthy people from a general perspective.

#3 Seek Out Responsible Avenues to Vent your Pent Up Emotions
Unfortunately, many result to unnecessary means of averting the detrimental effects of emotional upheavals such as drug abuse, irresponsible sexual behaviour or even crime. However, with some bit of creativity, you can vent your pent up emotions constructively through social interaction, outdoor adventures, physical exercise or even meditation.

It’s rather intriguing how some people who work in the most hospitable environments frequently result to suicide. While some who work in literal noise and stress factories tend to be happy and content with their lives. I guess it’s all about whether you’re tough enough to fight for your happiness even in the workplace. Because in a world of struggle for survival, you shouldn’t expect happiness to come on a silver platter any time soon.

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