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WORKPLACE / SEP. 16, 2013
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Tablet Coffee Table - Potential for the Workplace?

So, how many times you found yourself drinking your morning coffee and wanting to do business or work at the same time? Well now you can! Hammacher Schlemmer has introduced a wooden coffee table that combines a fully functional Windows 8 computer and a 32" touch screen - perfect for multitasking people!

The coffee table has a super durable surface so you don’t have to worry if you spill any liquid on it. Interestingly, it’s been tested to endure 13 gallons of water over five minutes. Its other numerous innovative features make it an ideal, handy tool for both employees and managers.

Another important feature to highlight, is that the LED tablet screen has six touch points and 178° viewing angle allowing for easy navigation, making it perfect for viewing enlarged photos or maps or playing with an interactive Koi pond. The coffee table touch screen also enables many users to comfortably view the same data by simply sitting on the couch.

What’s more, the tempered glass finish, allows for placing books, dishes, remote controls on top of the coffee table touch screen as well.  

The coffee table touch screen computer is an amazing asset for every company which strives not only to modernize but also to make its workplace more innovative and competitive. Besides, the coffee table touch screen could be an ideal tool for employees to spend their leisure time creatively. They could for example play a variety of interactive group or solitary games during their break.



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