The Future of Work:

Automation, AI and the Skills of Tomorrow

About the Study

In early 2020, we surveyed over 1,000 respondents of varying demographics and employment status to gain insights into the future of work.

Using a combination of quantitative and qualitive research, our ‘The Future of Work’ study investigated people’s perceptions regarding reskilling and self-education, work-life balance, and job automation. The study also examined people’s perceived readiness for the future of work by taking into account the latest insights on the desired skills of the future.

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Future Work

Key Takeaways

1 in 3

believe their job could be replaced by machines

3 in 5

believe that AI and automation could improve their work performance


are open to on-the-job training

3 in 4

believe that automation will enhance their work-life balance

3 in 4

believe that a six-hour workday will make them more productive


keep up with technologies in their field through continuous self-development


said a four-day workweek would enhance their productivity

only 25%

wouldn't give up any of their salary for reduced working hours

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