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What Can I Do With an Associate Degree in Drafting & Design

An associate degree in drafting and design is an academic key to various interesting career paths. You can attain the degree from numerous design schools across the UK or take on online tutorials offered by well established educational institutions. The profession is commendable for people in search of ways to merge art and technology-oriented talents using next generation creativity. So, if you like coming up with artistic structural graphic designs, then one of these careers is a perfect fit for your future professional aspirations.

Architectural Drawing and Design

Architectural drawing and design jobs are amongst the well-paying professional stints that you can undertake with an associate degree in drafting and design. The nature of these jobs entails using computers to sketch technical drawings with accurate visual and structural outlines. You don’t, however, need to generate the measurements since this is usually done by qualified architects especially when the drafting and design project involves big contracts such as skyscrapers, stylish bridges, stadiums or theaters. Knowledge of trendy design techniques such as 3D drawing and 3D printing is essential when handling high-tech design jobs in architecture.

Nut and Bolts Designs

The nuts and bolts industry is wide ranging and nearly as successful as any industrial design and manufacturing sector on earth. This is because nearly everything we use on a daily basis is somehow held together with nuts and bolts. Drafting and design experts are important in this industry given their expertise in the creation of advanced bolts that can handle evolutionary aspects of various industries’ products. Pipeline construction, for example, requires well-designed U or J-bolts and elevator bolts hold together conveyor systems. Self-screwing and lag bolts are, on the other hand, laced with modern threads for easy screwing while sex bolts and mating bolts are designed to piece together kitchen and other household appliances for safety reasons.

Product Design

Product design is a rich pot of opportunities for people with associate degrees in drafting and design. The industry’s dynamic growth is propelled by competition in various fields of trade. Both big and small manufacturing and packaging firms require talented product designers who can craft attractive and innovative items for them to expand their clientele base. Item design jobs are many as they range from wedding and business card designs to stylish looking beverage and deodorant bottles, furniture, automobile chassis, roofing, flooring materials and electronic appliances.

Quality Assessment

You can get a job as a quality control expert in building and construction or landscaping architecture and geographical related surveys because these fields require someone who can translate complex mental design pictures into reality. Quality assessment also requires a keen eye to note structural defects that may occur as a result of incorrect measurements, leading to wasted time and resources. Website and software application developers may as well require the services of a drawing and drafting expert to come up with info-graphics with the ability to capture the heights and diversification of human creativity.

John Ruskin in his book, Elements of Drawing, surmised that drafting and drawing is an art that involves delicate dirtying of the paper. Today, drafting and drawing can be epitomized as a scientific and technological art worth picking up today, and taking to the bank tomorrow.



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