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JOB SEARCH / MAR. 03, 2016
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4 Jobs with Flexible Schedules for People Who Hate the 9-to-5

It can be oppressive, dehumanizing, and horrible for your health but at least it pays the bills. The usual grind, the 9-5 is something most people will experience during their lifetime. What if you’re a free spirit or a rebellious child unable to be reined in by the ties of economic necessity? Well, you just don’t work from 9 to 5.

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Here’s an entire list (to read at your leisure, because we already know you do nothing in a hurry) of jobs with flexible schedules, perfect for anyone that hates the 9-5.

1. Freelancer

woman working outside

Look, I don’t get paid enough to get any more creative than this, so I’m starting the list with the most obvious of “work on your own time” jobs- freelancing. There are a ton of different types of freelancing from the straight-forward writers/editors to the more outlandish human billboards. Compensation varies also, as you saw with the human billboards, the site human billboards pays you (as the namesake indicates) five dollars.  Of course, there are definitely more serious gigs out there and some are contractual, which should keep you well-funded for a specific period of time. Here’s a very inclusive list on Entrepreneur to help you break away for your daily grind.

2. Uber/Lyft Driver

If you are the type of person that likes to spend their free-time driving around town jamming to some funky fresh beats, then being a driver for hire just might be your thing. There are a few requirements to this job though- you need a newer car (less than five years old) and a phone with an internet connection and you are ready to go. This is a very decently paying job especially in dense urban areas, but it can get a bit on the crazy side of things.

3. AirBnB Landlord

So, you don’t have a car and you have about as much talent as an over-boiled beet (why an over-boiled beet? Because that’s creativity at work! Well, kinda). What will you do to avoid working a fixed schedule? Well, Airbnb is a service that connects people looking for an affordable alternative to hotels to people that are completely fine with introducing complete strangers into their homes for money. You don’t even have to rent the entire home, just an available room in your house. Sure in some cases things have gone awry but Airbnb tries its best to protect both renters and the people that offer their homes as lodgings.

4. YouTuber/Reviewer

youtube reviewer

So, you’re a stoner that plays video games after work; well, don’t worry there’s a job even for you. YouTubers or online reviewers are working in two ways: by reviewing stuff and as channels for companies to advertise their wares. Keep in mind that this can be a competitive field to get into as there are myriad of YouTube channels and a myriad of reviews all over the internet, but you don’t want to work a 9 to 5 so you are going have to work for the alternative.

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Do you know of any other jobs that have flexible schedules? Let us know in the comment section below.

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