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5 Movies That Make You Realise Your Boss Isn’t All That Bad

Most of us can relate to having a terrible boss at one point in our lives, or at least an occasion where our boss has behaved terribly. Sometimes it’s a case of a personality clash or maybe we resent their authority and the fact that they tell us what to do. However, sometimes it’s more than just that and when the rest of your colleagues agree; you know it’s not just you. Maybe you’ve come across the slave driver boss before, someone who expects you to do the amount of work meant for two people in half the time, or how about the micromanager who doesn’t give you a minute’s peace and checks on every tiny thing you do. Then there’s the pervy boss who makes inappropriate comments and makes you feel really awkward, as well as the meany boss who takes every possible opportunity to put you down and make you feel small. Or how about the manipulator who will somehow get you working on a Saturday morning without you even realizing it? Let’s take a look at some of these characters on the big screen and see if your boss is really that bad.

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1. The Slave Driver – Miranda Priestly in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

Devil Prada

On a scale of one to ten of how hard Meryl Streep’s character is to please, in this movie, she would probably score an eleven. As well as expecting the near impossible several times a day and often also at night from her long-suffering and extremely patient staff members, Miranda Priestly also delivers cold stares and cutting comments which would make even the toughest person quiver in their boots. No matter how much of a slave driver your boss is, it’s doubtful they will ever threaten to fire you if you don’t deliver the next Harry Potter manuscript before it’s even released!

2. The Micromanager – Darth Vader in ‘Star Wars’

Dark Wader

There is nothing worse than feeling you never quite come up to scratch in your boss’s eyes, and we can certainly feel for Darth Vader’s poor followers who are simply eradicated if they don’t meet the required standards. No matter how picky our boss is, it’s a pretty sure thing that they will never reduce you to a pile of dust for any small task you may fail to complete to satisfaction.

3. The Pervy Boss – Franklin Hart Junior in ‘9 to 5’

9 to 5

This guy is not just pervy but a downright sex pest, but when the three poor office girls who are receiving the brunt of his sexual harassments decide to take action there’s nothing Franklin, played by Dabney Coleman, can do. Watch this movie for some real girl power inspiration as they kidnap their boss and keep him hostage in his own home. Of course, the office runs far more smoothly without his interfering presence, and you can’t beat the soundtrack from Dolly Parton. However, if your boss is as bad as this guy, it’s time to report them to HR.

4. The Meany Boss – Buddy Ackerman in ‘Swimming with Sharks'

Swimming with sharks

If you think your boss puts you down, you should take a look at this movie. Not only is Kevin Spacey’s character mean, he’s really really really mean! As his poor and humble assistant is worn down further and further with the constant torrent of abuse, he finally snaps and kidnaps his horrible boss Buddy Ackerman. He then proceeds to abuse Ackerman mentally and physically until he is a shadow of his former self. Maybe our bosses don’t quite deserve that kind of treatment, but we can still fantasize about it.

5. The Manipulator – Avery Tolar from ‘The Firm'

Gene Hackman

This guy will go to great lengths to make sure his company’s sordid secrets stay hidden, and he has to when he employs a naïve and honest graduate who discovers the truth. If your boss has never entrapped you into an immoral situation, taken photos and then used them to blackmail you, then count yourself lucky.

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If you still think your boss is really terrible compared to the nightmare managers above then maybe it’s time to do something about it. Unfortunately, some of the movies above may not offer the best guidelines on how to tackle the problem. If you want to keep your job or ever get a future job then kidnapping, your boss may not be the best idea. Quitting is usually the most satisfactory option, but for the most of us, whose bosses are maybe not the worst in the world, it’s easier to suck it up, carry on, and just release your frustration by gossiping about them with your colleagues at the water fountain or over a coffee.

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