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CVS / MAR. 17, 2015
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Everybody Lies on Their CVs: Even CEOs

Everybody Lies

The Truth is, everybody lies on their CV. Most people prefer to embellish their CV so that they have greater chances of getting the job. When they do get the job, however, despite giving out fake information, one way or another their secret is discovered they get fired and end up back where they started.


This is what happened to CEO of Yahoo Scott Thompson 3 years back. When he first applied for the job, he listed on his CV that he had a Computer Science degree instead of an Accounting degree – which he actually had, and when Yahoo found out he was fired immediately! This video from The Verge proves that even CEOs lie on their CVs with the hope to get the job they want! Even though it happened, it’s best to be avoided, as lying on your CV can have serious consequences for your career and negatively stigmatise your professional reputation!  

Check out this video to get more information in regards to lying on CVs and find out how other have chosen to lie on theirs!

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Have you ever lied on your CV before? If so, how? Let us know in the comment section below.


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