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CVS / DEC. 29, 2014
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How an Applicant Tracking System Reads Your Resume

Have you ever wondered how automated resume screeners analyze your resume to decide whether you are a good fit for a particular job? Nowadays, companies increasingly turn to applicant tracking software which use specific technology that analyses incoming resumes based on important job-related keywords. Since many candidates are unaware of the ins and outs of this technology, Resunate came up with this infographic to offer a look into what happens to your resume after you hit send and how you can beat the system.  

Key points:

  • Your resume runs through a parser which sorts the content of your resume into relevant categories (e.g. education, employment history, skills, contact info etc).
  • The system matches employer’s desired skills against the results from above.
  • Your resume is then graded on relevancy.


  •  Your resume needs to be relevant, using appropriate keywords based on the job description’s requirements as well as other related industry terms.
  •  Prioritise resume keywords and if possible enlist the support of an insider to find relevant keywords.
  •  Use bullet points, avoid long paragraphs, to describe your work and skills.
  •  Avoid using photos as this can make your resume unreadable.
  •  Use social networks to enhance your resume. Resume screeners use several other features to check up on your credentials. So make sure the information you put on your social media profiles is in line with what your resume says.

Take a look at this infographic to get a deeper idea of how applicant tracking systems manage, scan and track candidate resumes. 

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