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WORKPLACE / DEC. 14, 2015
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How Much Time Are You Wasting at Work? [Infographic]

how much time are you wasting at work infographic

You might think that getting distracted from work for a few minutes while you surf the web or check your Facebook, won’t cost you or your boss anything, but that’s not entirely true. Wasting time at work has bigger consequences than you think and in some cases can cost employers huge amounts of money.

A survey from GetVoip found that roughly 80 percent of American workers waste time at work one way or another, and each time waster costs employers more than $17,000 per year. This infographic we have just compiled for you presents some interesting data in regards to people who waste time at work, and offers some great tips to employers and workers on how to change bad habits.

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So, if you want to improve your performance at work, stop texting or checking your social media every five minutes, and get down to business.  

Have a look at this infographic and let me know what you think in the comments section below…

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