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How to Know If Your Boss Has a Crush on You

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Being able to determine if someone, especially your boss, is interested in you romantically is often complicated by the level of professionalism required in the work environment. Even though your boss is your superior and you do not want to damage that working relationship, working closely together is likely to elicit other emotions. Here are some signs to look out for if you think your boss likes you.

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Gives You a lot of Attention

One of the most common signs that your boss is attracted to you is in the kind of attention they give you in comparison with your workmates. It is normal for your boss to mingle with their employees, but does your boss always make trips to your workstation? Does he or she constantly pick on you from among your colleagues to offer your opinion on a work-related issue? If so, then they are interested in you. You might also find that he or she perpetually glances in your direction or looks for reasons to strike up conversations with you even when unnecessary.

They Flirt With You

Quite self-explanatory and although it might seem obvious it can be hard to discern. It is a delicate subject to tackle because if you get it wrong it could damage your reputation in the office and standing with the boss.

You have to make sure that your boss is actually flirting with you and also just with you and is not just a naturally flirtatious, gregarious people pleaser.  The other issue that you have to consider is whether they have just been responding to flirtatious signals from you. Your own behaviour must always be taken into account.

Asks You to Stay in the Office Late

Work can sometimes be overwhelming, and your boss might require extra time after regular working hours to be able to complete a particular assignment. If he or she requests that you stay alone with them after hours to help with the task, it could be a hint that they like you and want to spend more time around you.

Indulges You in Confidences

When your boss suddenly starts sharing confidential information with you such as professional commentary about the workplace or personal information, then he or she may be interested in you. Furthermore, this inclusion is the way in which your boss wishes to be able to engage with you intimately and maybe even seek your advice on a matter.


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Asks You to Coffee or Lunch

During office hours, your boss might ask you to join him for coffee or lunch and extend this gesture by offering to pay for the meal. If coffee is already provided in the office, your boss could specifically bring a cup to your workstation as a show of their inclination towards you.

Compliment You About Non-Work Related Issues

Sexual harassment training has improved a lot, but it still happens, and your boss might not even think they are doing it. If often compliments you on your looks and says how lucky someone would be to have you it can be a sign that they are interested in you, or at the very least attracted to you. Keep track of the language they use if it is making you uncomfortable and see if it is inappropriate.  

Suggesting Activities Outside Work

If your boss is interested in knowing what your hobbies or activities are outside work, it is a fire sign that they would like to go out with you. Especially if he or she suggests that you carry out this activity one-on-one rather than as a group activity for the office. Such activities include going on a dinner date, a movie or even taking a short trip. Your boss is simply interested in knowing you better and relating with you well enough to start a relationship.

They Give You Overblown Promises

Your boss making overblown promises about your future at the company can be a big indicator of their intentions towards you. They may be exaggerating your performance in order to make you feel special because they have romantic feelings for you.

Suggestive Body Language

You can learn a lot from someone's body language. If someone is giving you playful or sensual body language, then they probably have a thing for you. Look at their eye contact and the way they dress. All of these factors can mean that your boss has a crush on you.

Remember Everything You Do or Say

Your boss almost certainly has a crush on you if they seem to recall pretty much everything that you do or say, especially related to them. If you can’t remember it, but they can then things can get weird quite fast. That is assuming you’re not a forgetful person, which is always a distinct possibility.

Gift Giving

If they give you gifts, especially ones with little red hearts on them, then you definitely have a problem. It’s fine for bosses to give employees gifts. But they should give them to everyone and certainly not ones with little red hearts on them.

Blush when You’re Around

It’s pretty obvious that your boss has a crush on you if they blush whenever you are near them. If they are rosy-cheeked all the time, it’s a different matter, but if it just happens when they are talking to you, then they want you.

Too Touchy-Feely

Yes, we all know at least one person who is a bit too touchy-feely. One of them might even be your boss. The question is do they physically touch you more than anyone else? Even if it makes you feel uncomfortable unless they are giving you more attention than anyone else you shouldn’t assume your boss has a thing for you.

Calling or Texting You For No Reason

Ok, this one is probably where you draw the line and might be verging on stalker territory. If your boss randomly texts or calls you for no reason to chat (worse just breathes down the phone)  they are thinking about you a bit too much outside of work and almost certainly have a crush on you.

Establishing an intimate relationship within the office is an awkward affair. If your boss has a crush on you, make sure that the professional boundaries are well-established and that your personal involvement does not affect your relationship with fellow workmates. It can also be fun getting to know your boss in a different light as someone you can intimately interact with.

Have you ever been in a situation where your boss had a crush on you? How did you deal with it? Let us know in the comments section below…

This article was originally published in January 2014.

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