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WORKPLACE / OCT. 17, 2013
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Miranda Priestly Isn't a Myth: The Dont's of Dealing With an Evil Boss

Some bosses are evil because they have to be, some because they want to be, and others because they are just outright cold-blooded evil demons. Bosses like these are the Miranda Priestlys of the world. As employees we are at their mercy, dealing with their attitude, their cold comments, their sinister attitude. However, just because they’re our bosses, because they are technically in charge of us, even if they're successful and high in the business like Priestly, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. Evil bosses are like bullies in the playground – they are to be avoided and, when the time is right, dealt with, eradicated you might say. But there are things you shouldn't do in order to get yourself away from an evil boss: 

Don’t Retaliate

I have had a total of four evil bosses in the three jobs I’ve had and one thing I learnt that got to them the most was when I simply didn’t react. One of my bosses – in a snyde, child-like fashion – stormed into the staff room and said, rather loudly, “some people aren’t doing their job correctly.” Everyone in the room knew it was me he was aiming this comment at. He even looked in my direction in the corner of his eye. I was reading Jane Eyre at the time, I continued to read.

Don’t Let Them Ruin Your Experience of Working

Whether it be a part-time job or your career, you have to remember that this boss doesn’t have the right to make your work life miserable. Working should be fun, you should love your job and the people you work with. Of course this is not always the case - you can't choose who you work with - but you can choose where you work and it should be great. You have to remember that this is the place you work, this is not the evil boss' kingdom. In my first job, my boss was like Miranda Priestly - he acted like it was his lair, I was his guest and treated it so. I, foolishly, allowed him to ruin my experience of working there for a few months. 

How do you stop them from this ruin? There are many options. The first is to simply go to them and ask them what it is you’re doing wrong – you may not believe you are doing anything wrong but if they do, they do – and see how you can improve. Evil bosses believe they’re right so it’s easy for you to treat them like that, even if you feel an icy tinge inside you as you do, just do it, it’s easier in the long run.

Don’t Become Victimized

It’s very easy to sink under the weight of the evil boss. Too much happening can make you give up. You’ll start to feel like a victim and what they’re telling you – “you’re doing this and this wrong” – you may start to believe. If going to them and discussing it doesn’t work then simply go higher – go to their boss. Someone I worked with had a horrendous time with our boss. He was, bluntly put, evil. She talked to him and he shot her down many times - much like Priestly with her cold speeches or disappointment and not hearing suggestions. When my friend knew that she couldn't speak to him directly, she gathered information - so she wouldn't come across as an angry employee - and took it to head office. She stopped herself from being a victim and took charge of the situation. 

There are ways around evil bosses, even if it’s knowing that in the end you’ll go further and they’ll continue being evil. There are certain ways to go about it. Think clearly and cleverly. And, in those dark moments when you feel the burn of Miranda Priestly's stare or the knowledge that she's going to say something horrid just think: what always happens to the evil people? In the end, they fail. 

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