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New Years Resolutions For Your Career

As the new year is now well underway, many of you will probably be assessing your career and gauging your options. Maybe it’s time to go on the course you always wanted or apply for some new roles, maybe even ask for the raise you think you deserve.

It’s estimated that 40% of us will use January to look for a new role in some way, with the 7th January recently dubbed the most popular day to begin that search. Whatever your goals for the year, however, now is the time to get started on them.

The folks at Career Savvy have compiled an infographic outlining some of the best new year resolutions you can have in order for your career to flourish.

Start a new hobby

I’ve written before about the valuable role your hobby can play in your work life. Did you know for instance, that a creative hobby can actually make you more creative at work? It’s also well known that regular exercise is a fantastic way to de-stress from the rigours of your day, and a chilled out person tends to make better choices and decisions than a stressed out one. So use January to look for a new hobby to take up.

Make your social profile is job proof

We’ve all seen the stories of someone posting something awful on their social networks and suffering the consequences at work the next day.  It’s inevitable these days that recruiters are going to look at your social presence, so use January to spruce up your social media. I posted some handy tips on how to do this on LinkedIn recently.

Make sure your CV is spot-on

You’ve all heard the advice about having a fresh CV for each job you apply for, right? Yet how many of us have had the same basic template that is sent out to each job we go for? Now’s as good a time as any to give your CV a spring clean, and I recently posted some tips to help you with this.

Work experience

It’s often hard to get your foot in the door, and an increasing number of job offers come through people you know already. Don’t be afraid of taking on some un-paid work in order to build up your experience and connections. It will pay off in the long run.

Widen your search

It’s easy to get too focused on our particular niche when it comes to job hunting. Try and think more abstractly and ask yourself if there are any related jobs that might be right up your street.

Remember your work/life balance

Stress and fatigue are killers for sound decision making, so ensure you have a good balance in life and give yourself plenty of time to unwind.  Try allocating specific time for job hunting so that you don’t overdo it.

I would suggest that one thing they miss off the list is conscientiousness. Countless studies have highlighted this as a key skill to possess for success at work, and the history of new years resolutions is littered with people failing to maintain their change beyond a month.  If you want to succeed in your job search, and indeed in any of your other new years resolutions, then you will need persistence and to go about things the right way.

I wish you the best of luck.

Career Savvy
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