The 30 Best Organisation Apps to Improve Your Efficiency

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In this digital age, we seem to be turning to our mobile phones, tablets and desktops for everything.

Long gone are the hundreds of sticky notes flying all over the place – it’s now all about the latest app on the block that will help us keep our lives in check. And with added pressure from our bosses and colleagues, it’s becoming even harder to keep tabs on our ever-growing pile of projects, phone schedules and meetings.

So, what can you do to work smarter to keep on top of your day-to-day work life? A simple organisation app is the answer!

And we’ve uncovered the 30 best apps on the market at the moment to help you maintain that work-life balance you’ve always dreamt of!



Calendar Scheduling and To-Dos


1. Awesome Note 2

This visual app is designed to keep your life organised by using special calendars and graphics to colour-code your to-do list. You can separate your work tasks and daily errands with a simple click of the button, complete an alarm tone.

Available on iOS – $3.99 / £2.99


2. 24me

Need a personal assistant? This smart app fits the role perfectly! 24me keeps your calendar, personal accounts, notes and lists organised in one place, and even reminds you about birthdays and lets you send gifts to family and friends. It will even let you know when you need to leave for a meeting based on the current traffic situation, as well as pay bills!

Available on Android and iOS – Free


3. Wunderlist

This user-friendly app is ideal for creating a number of different lists to share with colleagues. It’s accessible across all devices, making projects seamless and keeping everyone in sync. Added bonus? You can even view comments on a task which cuts out pointless phone calls.

Available on Android and iOS – Free


4. Remember the Milk

This task management app integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook and Evernote to make sure you’ll never forget anything on your list ever again. You can also tag your lists by colour or subtasks to make you feel like the organisational king/queen that you are!

Available on Android and iOS – Free




5. Evernote

This nifty tool allows you to create notes both online and offline, wherever you are – whether you’re at your desk, on the train or in the supermarket. Once you’ve organised your list, you can sync it via the cloud to access it anywhere at any time.

Available on Android and iOS – Free


6. Letterspace

Letterspace is another great notetaking app that’s famous for its slide bar which allows you to easily navigate through your notes to make edits and adjustments, effectively helping you avoid wasting time trying to get your cursor in the right place – I know how painful that can be!

Available on iOS – $4.99 / £3.99


7. Scanbot

Remember that really useful article you found but was way too long to read at the time and take any notes? Fret not – Scanbot will open up a whole new world for you, allowing you to quickly scan documents and turn them into high-quality PDF or JPGs.

Available on Android and iOS – Free


8. Just Press Record

Long gone are the days of Dictaphones! In this digital age, a simple voice recording app is all you need. Just Press Record not only lets you record important notes, but it will even transcribe your recordings in a number of different languages, too!

Available on iOS – $4.99 / £3.99






This smart application automates your digital life by connecting all your apps and organising your phone into a more personal device. For example, if you receive an email from someone, you can instruct the app to save the contact to your phone, effectively saving you time that can be better spent on other tasks.

Available on Android and iOS – Free


10. Email by Edison

This cool tool connects to your online services and finds tasks to complete for you by sending a notification to your device. If you want to be told what to do and when to do it, this app is all you need!

Available on Android and iOS – Free


11. Be Focused Pro

This Pomodoro-style app helps you get things done by breaking tasks up with short intervals in between. The general idea is that you work for 20 minutes and then take a 5-minute break – or a 10 to 20-minute break after 4 times.

Available on iOS – $1.99 / £0.99


12. Hours

Keeping track of your hours at work can be a tricky task if you’re quite forgetful – which where Hours comes in! This smart app will keep track of your hours and will even send out reminders on breaks and project deadlines.

Available on iOS – Free


13. Pocket

Do you get distracted by adverts all the time and end up reading random articles online when you should actually be knuckling down and ticking tasks off your to-do list? If so, Pocket is here to save the day and will save your favourite stories, pictures and websites for you to read in your free time.

Available on Android and iOS – Free


14. RescueTime

If you’re not quite sure what you spend your time on while you’re at the office, you can use RescueTime to figure that out. This app analyses your daily computer activity and tracks the time spent on specific applications or web browsers.

Available on Android – $9 / £7 per month


15. Focus Lock

If you’re the ultimate procrastinator, this app will help you stay focused (excuse the pun) and will block any usual distractions from your phone and generally help you increase productivity. Don’t worry, though: it won’t block them all day but, rather, just for the specific times you want it to.

Available on Android – Free


Process and Workflow Management


16. Process Street

If you want to keep a project streamlined and team communication clear, why not consider using this business process management tool? The idea behind Process Street is that it will help you keep track of project planning and development in clear blocks of tasks - which is ideal for any virtual teams.

Available on Chrome – Free


17. Zapier

If you’re super busy, you can use this app to automatically transfer data between your chosen applications and devices – freeing up your time to focus on more important tasks, like your professional growth!

Available on Desktop – Free


18. Buffer

This app is ideal for all the social media gurus out there, allowing you to schedule up to 10 posts a day per site and to share the same picture at the click of a button.

Available on Android and iOS – Free


19. Wrike

If you’re tired of wasting time following up with each individual employee on their progress on a project, Wrike is at hand to help. This little app allows you to streamline your processes and apply different projects to specific teams, projects and folders for a smoother collaboration across the department.

Available on Android and iOS – Free



General Organisation


20. LastPass

If you can’t seem to remember every single 1 of your 1,000 passwords, LastPass will save them for you. It’s security-protected, of course, so don’t worry. You just need to remember your main password to gain access to everything!

Available on Android and iOS – Free


21. timr

If you want to track the time spent on a project, your employees’ sick days or even mileage on business trips, timr is the way to go!

Available on Android – Free


22. Expensify

If you suck at keeping tabs on your expenses and business receipts, this app was made for you! It easily allows you to take pictures of your receipts and then stores them in a convenient dashboard for you.

Available on Android and iOS – Free


23. Trello

This highly customisable digital bulletin board is ideal for a single employee or a team of them. You can create different cards for different projects or simply use it for your personal to-do list.

Available on Android and iOS – Free


24. Box

By using Box, you can securely share files with coworkers, customers and partners, and review and edit them simultaneously through any device. Ideal for any entrepreneur who’s always on the go!

Available on Android and iOS – Free


25. DropTask

This visually effective task manager is perfect for keeping track of your workflow and mapping out different projects. You can also use the built-in calendar to keep all your duties saved in one place.

Available on Android and iOS – Free




26. Google Drive

Google Drive has become the most used app amongst working professionals, and offers users the ability to access shared spreadsheets, Word documents, calendars, mail and PowerPoint presentations all through a cloud-based system. It also allows employees to work remotely and on the go.

Available on Android and iOS – Free


27. Dropbox

Dropbox is a handy application that allows you to store a number of different documents. If you’re on the road and need to save presentations or pictures, this app is ideal for you.

Available on Android and iOS – Free


28. Microsoft OneDrive

If you use Microsoft at work, you definitely need OneDrive in your life. It allows you to save your files and photos, and access them through any device.

Available on Android and iOS – Free


29. SimpleMind Pro

If you love to brainstorm but hate wasting paper, this app is perfect for you. It’s a digital map that allows you to jot down all your ideas in a fun and colourful way – and you can do it anywhere at any time!

Available on Android and iOS – $7.99 / £6.99


30. Slack

Slack takes instant messaging services one step further to make the ultimate IM and group coordinating tool. It supports file sharing and group chats while archiving old messages so you can find any important information that you forgot to save.

Available on Android and iOS – Free



What are your favourite organisation apps? Join the conversation down below and let us know!