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How to Start a Resume Writing Business


Starting a resume writing business can be a viable option for an individual who is interested in working in a freelance consultant capacity. Generally, the start-up costs range from as little as a few hundred dollars (if you work from home) to tens of thousands of dollars if you want to work from a traditional brick and mortar office. There is flexibility where the consultant can work either part-time or full-time and the majority of the workload is completed online. This article will address how to start a resume writing business.

Business Basics

Searching for a job can be a difficult process if you don’t know how to craft the perfect resume which will catch the attention of prospective employers. Job hunters need persistence and diligence in order to succeed. In addition to crafting the best resume for your current skillset and work experience, you also need to have a concise, professional cover letter. Sending in a professional cover letter and resume is the key to making you stand out from the pack of other job applicants. Starting a resume writing business will be a viable business opportunity if you put in the time and effort; especially since the current workplace environment needs such a business.

Skillsets a Resume Writer Needs

A resume writer needs to assist job hunters with crafting the perfect resume for their current career situation. Some specific skillsets that will help you in your resume writing business are listed below.

  • Ability to carefully listen to job hunters in order to understand their experience
  • Skilled at crafting resumes and cover letters in a professional format
  • Familiarity with current format and content rules for resume writing
  • Creativity to craft resumes and cover letters that utilize creativity and distinctiveness
  • Capability to write with the proper grammatical styles and tone

Where to Begin the Process

There are several steps that an individual should take in order to start a resume writing business. Steps on how to begin the process are listed below.

1. Understand the Process

Starting a resume writing business begins with understanding the process. You must be prepared to provide your best professional skills to the client when writing the resume and cover letter. Additionally, you need to ascertain what your client interview process will entail. In order to write the resume, you must gain a deeper understanding of the job hunter. You cannot simply rely on written information from the client. Take the time to discuss the job hunter’s skillset over the phone or online. If you and the client opt to chat or email online, it is important to compile a listing of specific questions which will help you gain a better understanding of the job hunter. Remember that the goal is to find the key points that set your client apart so you can weave that information into the resume. You need to help the job hunters determine what is so special about them and how to make that shine in their resumes.

2. Know Your Market

The second step in the process is to know your market. Your clients will be individuals who are seeking jobs. They may currently be employed and looking for new and better employment. One market you can focus on is assisting college students since they are just starting out in entering the workforce. Seniors will be seeking permanent employment. Sophomores and Juniors may need your assistance in crafting resumes for the purposes of obtaining internships. Additional target markets are graduate students as well as single parents or empty-nesters. Also, individuals who have been unemployed and are seeking to re-enter the workforce may need assistance from a resume writer.

3. Set Your Services

You must be clear on the specific services that you are offering. For example, you may only be providing resume writing and cover letters. However, some individuals also offer career counselling and interview preparation or rehearsals. The services offered may depend on whether you work out of your home office or a traditional brick and mortar office space. Be diligent in your consideration of your services. You need to understand that the way you represent your client on paper will either positively or negatively impact the individual’s career path. Own up to that responsibility with grave professionalism.

4. Set Up Shop

This step pertains to opening an actual office or setting up your home office. The office equipment that you’ll need is basic such as a computer, fax machine, laser printer and a copier. Sometimes you can find a great deal by purchasing a combination, printer, fax and copier. You will also need up to date word processing software. Depending on your process, you may need a good phone service for speaking with clients, unless you deal with them exclusively online. There are many VoIP services available such as Vonage. Don’t discount the importance of a relaxed, yet professional work environment. You need to find your specific comfort zone, but also balance out an environment that promotes a professional work ethic. Utilize a service like Legal Zoom or your local SCORE office through the Small Business Administration to assist in the procedure of legalizing your resume writing business.

5. Advertise Your Business

The best way to advertise your business these days is to have an online hub or website where prospective customers can find you on the Internet. If you don’t have a website, most people will think you are either not a legitimate business owner, or are not up to date with technology. Additionally, there are many free website providers you can start with such as Weebly. After setting up your website, you should begin a business blog where you post at least once or twice a week to engage with your customers and prospects. Don’t use this as simply an advertising tool. Provide continual content that is of value to your readers and this will become an excellent non-invasive advertising method. Visitors will continue to return to your blog for new weekly content. That’s free advertising for your business. Eventually some of those visitors will become customers or refer others to you. Finally, set up accounts for your business with all the major social media sites such as FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn.    

When starting a resume writing business it is important to understand the basics first and know your specific target market. As you follow the rest of the steps as mentioned in this article, you will find greater success in your endeavor.

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