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Top 10 Jobs with Flexible Work Hours

Having flexible work hours is a perk many people seek when looking for jobs, especially parents of young children and caretakers. Many jobs that offer flexible hours also allow you to work from a home office. As long as you meet your quotas and deadlines, jobs with flexible hours don’t make you punch the clock from nine to five.

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1. IT Jobs

Working in the IT field often means you’ll earn a decent paycheck and have the ability to work flexible hours. PayScale reports that Senior IT Project Managers in the U.S. earn about $106,000 per year, and a high percentage of them can work from home. Senior software engineers, site analysts, technical support specialists, systems architects, developers, support engineers, database administrators, and help desk administrators are examples of IT jobs that are often offered as remote, work-from-home positions with flexible work hours.

2. Marketing Jobs

Jobs in marketing, especially digital marketing positions, can often be performed from the comfort of your home office with flexible hours. Hiring managers may prefer or require that you have a marketing or business degree but usually pay well. Many marketing managers in the U.S. earn $66,000 annually, according to Indeed. Some marketing positions also offer part-time hours, which may be ideal for parents who stay at home with kids.

3. Salespeople

A variety of sales jobs, especially senior sales executive positions, offer the opportunity to work from home with flexible hours. While you may have to travel to visit clients and attend business meetings or trade shows, you can often work from your home office the rest of the work day. Sales executives often earn over $100,000 yearly.

4. Nurses

The field of nursing can offer flexible work hours, especially if you have several years of experience. You may be able to land a part-time nursing gig with regular hours or work full-time but just three days a week. Nurses can also work as consultants, remote telephonic health coaches, or home-based clinical research associates, all of which offer the ability to work from home with flexible hours. PayScale notes that nurses in the U.S. often earn about $28 to $33 per hour.

5. Recruiters

If you’re a recruiter with a couple years of experience under your belt, your employer may allow you to work part-time or from home with flexible hours. Some recruiting and sourcing specialist positions are entirely home-based, and while some of these positions pay commission only, others provide a nice salary plus benefits package. The average pay for a recruiter in the U.S. is about $45,000 per year.

6. Writers

If you have a degree in journalism or some writing experience, working from home as a freelance writer offers extreme flexibility – and your opportunities are endless. You can work as a grant writer, freelance article or blog writer, medical writer, exam writer, educational materials writer, or résumé writer. Being an author and publishing books is another opportunity for seasoned writers to earn extra income. Freelance writers earn about $65,000 yearly, notes Indeed.

7. Medical Coders

Medical coding jobs that allow you to work from home with flexible hours are widely available. Many of these jobs require you to have a medical coding certification and at least one year of prior work experience. Medical coding jobs are in high demand and many of these jobs offer excellent benefits packages. Many medical coders in the U.S. earn about $16 per hour.

8. Teachers

Having a teaching certification and some teaching experience makes you qualified for several job opportunities with flexible hours. Substitute teaching offers you the flexibility to determine if and when you’re able to work. Being a part-time or full-time online teacher gives you the ability to work from your home office. The average U.S. teacher salary is about $55,000 annually, according to Indeed.

9. Claims Adjusters

Some companies hire claims adjusters to work from home with flexible hours. Examples of home-based claims adjuster positions include auto adjusters, workers compensation claims adjusters, and property claims adjusters. Some, but not all, of these jobs require a Bachelor’s degree. Claims adjusters in the U.S. often earn about $47,000 annually.

10. Entrepreneurs

Starting your own business often means you choose the number of hours and time of day you work. Generally, the more hours you put in, the more money you’ll make. You may earn $10 per hour or over $50 hourly, depending on the type of service you provide and how much you charge for it. Carpet cleaning, house cleaning, being a nanny, pet-sitting, lawn care, landscaping, painting, cosmetic sales, and eBay businesses all offer you the ability to set your own appointments and hours – and decline opportunities if they don’t fit into your schedule.

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Jobs with flexible hours aren’t hard to find, and landing one may improve your job satisfaction. Having a degree and work experience is helpful when seeking home-based flexible jobs, but isn’t necessarily required.

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