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What to Do When Your Boss Is a Workaholic and Expects You to Be One Too

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Are you working for a workaholic boss? If yes, work must be a living nightmare for you. How can you cope with this? Find out what you need to do here.

Some people enjoy working – probably too much. These people don’t mind staying overtime and leaving the office way past midnight. They are also the ones who check their emails when they are on holiday and are always on standby. If your boss is like this, then he is probably a workaholic. Perhaps the only positive thing about this is that you are not the only one working for a workaholic boss. In fact, most employees do. But what happens when your boss’s ‘workaholicism’ gets in the way of your work?

Well, actually there are a couple of things you can do to deal with a workaholic boss. Let’s find out.

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#1 Set Boundaries


Boundaries are important because these can help you get your life back. Show your boss that you won’t be available on 24/7 and that you need some personal time off. If there is a project that needs to be completed by Monday and your boss asks you to work on the weekend, you should know that you aren’t obligated to do so and it’s not rude to tell them that you don’t work on weekends.

Next time your boss asks you to do this, tell him that that you are trying to do your best at work, but this can’t be done when you don’t have a work-life balance. This way, your boss might understand your point of view.    

#2 Talk to Your Boss


Talk to your boss and explain how you feel. Tell him that you understand how he sees things and that you appreciate his view on how work should be carried out, but he also has to do the same for you. Your boss should respect you as much as you respect him and allow you to be more flexible in your work.

Perhaps you can approach this sensitive subject by telling your boss how you would prefer to structure your work day and show him how and when you work at your best. Besides everyone is different and there is no single way to work.

#3 Ask Your Coworkers for Advice


Your workaholic boss is probably forcing everyone to keep up with his pace of work which means your colleagues are having the same problems. But just like you, they may hesitate to speak up. To find out how others feel about the situation, talk to them and arrange to talk to your boss about it. The more people that feel the same way, the better because this means your boss will feel forced to do something to improve the situation. 

#4 Take Care of Yourself


When you are working for a workaholic boss, your work-life balance gets tested. Sometimes you may find yourself overworking at the expense of your personal life just to satisfy your boss, even though you feel that this isn’t right for you. But, if you know that you are doing your job well, your boss shouldn’t have any unrealistic expectations of you. To cope with the situation, make sure that you take care of your emotional and physical health and that you get enough rest to get you through the day.

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So what happens when your boss is a workaholic and thinks that everybody else should keep up with him? What would you do? Let me know in the comments section below…

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