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CVS / MAY. 18, 2015
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10 Extraordinarily Creative CV Examples

What makes a strong CV? The answer is simple. Creativity. That’s because it’s not enough to write a good CV. It’s all about making a great first impression. In order to showcase your skills effectively, your CV must make you stand out from the crowd.

The easiest way to do this is by creating an insanely creative CV that catches the employers’ attention at once. Having said that, it must be something that’s original, unique and different to whatever the other candidates are doing as this is essentially what’s going to encourage them to call you in for that first interview.

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Check out these 10 extraordinarily creative CV’s to give you some inspiration:

1. Hire me Google: The Google CV

Eric Gandhi’s exceptional idea of creating a Google-themed CV landed him a job at no less than Google itself. The designer said that an employee from Google found his CV on LinkedIn and decided to refer him for a position at the company. What Gandhi did here was implement a clever idea by linking his credentials and skills with Google using a design that was familiar to the company. Essentially Gandhi targeted the company and did it in an excellent and unique way.

2. Give me chocolate: The ‘resume bar’

Who can say no to chocolate? This is what Nicholas Begley was thinking when he created his chocolate CV otherwise known as “resume bar”. After getting tired of getting rejections with his traditional CV, Begley took a Nestle Crunch Bar and wrapped his CV around it and got himself a marketing job at Sportvite in New York. This was a huge success as it showed off his ability to think out-of-the-box and helped him get a job in an environment that allowed him to do just that.  

3. Game Over ‘Super Mario’: The Game CV

Now this is what I call creativity! Robby Leonardi’s interactive resume took CV writing up to a whole new level. I mean, who can compete with the guy who created a playable video game CV inspired by Super Mario? While this 2-minute game must have taken Leonardi weeks to create, it was certainly worth the time judging from the impressive results. If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself.

4. Find me on Facebook: The Facebook CV

Sabrina Saccoccio’s wanted to show employers her creativity and social media skills, so she created an amazingly powerful CV using a Facebook profile. Since everyone is familiar with Facebook she managed to effectively pass on the message she intended including all the necessary information every employer expects to see on a CV such as personal information, skills, interests and education history. She even included wall posts from her friends as recommendations!

5. Vintage Package: You’ve got mail!

Brian Moose’s excellent idea of sending a vintage package to Pixar Animation Studios turned out to be a success. Using rather traditional means to send out his CV – by post instead of using online resources, he definitely surprised the recipients. The package included a cover letter and a notebook in which he talked about his skills and past work experience that showed off his unique drawing skills.

6. The Lego CV

One of the all-time ultimate favourites is the Lego CV. Leah Bowman created her own CV using a Lego model of herself which she sent to advertising agencies. With the headline “Build the perfect Account Service Intern” she managed to impress employers and effectively showed her creativity, skills and initiative.

7. Cereal Box ‘Vick’

Cereal Box CV

This are no ordinary cereals. Victor Rodriguez came up with this unique idea while having cereals for breakfast. He decided to market himself by putting his face on the box and highlighting his key skills on the front that described him as contained, structured, organised, thorough and consistent. Innovative or what?

8. The Bookable 'Meet Me' CV

Mike Freeman’s Book a Meeting is an excellent idea for promoting yourself. His online CV is entirely different to a conventional one and nevertheless successful as he got the job he was aiming for at Shopify’s marketing department. Freeman came up with the idea of allowing employers to choose the date and time to book an appointment with him for only $0.00!   

9. The CV Printed Cup

CV Cup

Art director, Sid Santos showed off his 3D modeling skills by creating this printed cup CV. Essentially he turned a simple cup into a resume highlighting his work experience and job-related skills including those he thought were most essential to the job. Check it out!

10. The Sewn Fabric CV

This one doesn’t require you to go to extremes, but just write your CV on a piece of cloth. Graphic designer, Melissa Washin created this impressive CV out of fabric to show off her love of sewing and helped her land her first job out of college. This is not only so visually beautiful that you want to stick it on your wall, but also includes all the information employers need.

When sending out your CV, first you need to be aware of the job you are applying for. Not every company welcomes extreme CV designs that can often be considered ‘eccentric’ and end up risking your chances of getting the job on offer. Perhaps you should think about the company culture. Does it come out as traditional or not?  

Also, what career field are you applying for? If this is for a job in media, advertising, or graphics you are almost required to create a compelling creative CV that flashes out your unique designing skills. On the other hand, if you are going into accounting, computing or retail management you would be better off sticking to the standard CV, which is always the safest choice.

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After reading this, you should also consider making your CV more marketable as far as the design is concerned. By doing this, you are not only putting yourself ahead of the competition but you are also increasing your chances of landing your dream job. As long as you do it right, you will get hired in no time!

What is the most creative thing you’ve done to get a job? Let us know in the comments section below.

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