10 Amazing 3D CV Ideas and Examples

Are you in a creative role? These out-of-the-box ideas really work!

3D CV ideas

It is 2017, and recruitment trends are constantly changing; if you want to be employable, you need to evolve. A 3D CV might be just the thing you need. With so many talented jobseekers in the world, it is tough to get noticed, especially if you want to find work in a creative industry; they are some of the most competitive jobs available.

So, how do you overcome this recruitment issue in today’s technology driven and creative society? The power lies in personal marketing and the type of CV you choose.

A classic CV is a rather bland document that summarises your past experience, achievements, skills and education to show off your personality in two pages or less. It is hard for employers to make a proper judgement and understand your professional disposition, personality, skills and creativity using this tool.

A 3D CV is much more effective than the traditional CV at making a great first impression. You get the chance to demonstrate your creativity, personality, and professional skills quickly and in your own unique way. It is proven that people make a good or bad impression within the first 7 seconds and it is usually affected by what they hear, smell or see. Switching to this new style of CV should enable you to trigger these senses and make a great connection.

Here are 10 amazing 3D CV examples:

1. The milk carton

milk carton 3d cvdeviant art

This Graphic artist turned his CV into a missing person milk carton. The “ingredients” section became his skills, under “nutrition” he put his areas of expertise, instead of a picture of a missing person he put a headshot of himself and he replaced a corporate logo with his own personal brand and logo. Even though this is less wordy than a traditional CV, it is such an original concept any employer would sit up and take notice.

2. The Pixar 3D CV

pixar resume caseflickr

Way more than just a 3D CV example; this is a complete presentation of this person’s creative personality and determination. It consists of an illustrated, annotated notebook, inside a film reel, within a leather-bound album. It’s like a treasure chest!

3. The horror movie poster

horror movie posterhuffingtonpost

Even though this might seem a bit basic at first, this guy used a catchy title and a simple bold layout to list his experience, degree and skills in an intriguing design. If this doesn’t get the recruiters attention, what will?

4. The portfolio mail package

portfolio mail packagebehance

Portfolios don't have to be dull, this gem was created by a Canadian graphic a designer based in Helsinki and is a real attention-grabber. The portfolio mail package includes her CV as well as other useful things such as a letter of intent, an application form and a hand-bound portfolio book.

5. The Game of Design CV

game of designimgur

A game that would definitely catch an employer’s eye because they would probably want to play it! This 3D CV includes instructions, dice as well as client research, visual communication and composition cards.


6. The skateboard


There are several 3D CVs on weird objects, but a skateboard is definitely one of the most bizarre ones. It  might not be the most cost-effective option, but it’s certainly a very creative example that will leave a lasting example.

7. The interactive graphic

interactive graphicbehance

Created using, Illustrator, Photoshop, Octane, Cinema 4D and After Effects, it shows off all the skills you need for a job as a graphic designer, CG artist and any other similar position . With so many colourful touches it should get the attention of any employer because it brilliantly demonstrates the creative, design and technical skills of the creator.

8. The fake medication

fake medication copywritingbehance

Probably the most cleverly worded item on this list is “copywriting painkiller”. The leaflet inside explains that it can be used for the “short-term treatment of acute, moderate creative pain” with instructions how to store it, side effects, known interactions and so on.

The leaflet also states that “Drinking alcohol with Jon Ryder will not cause any adverse effects. Mixing Jon Ryder with moderate alcohol consumption after the end of the working day may improve effectiveness." A lot of creative positions require a humorous personality. The fact that Jon Ryder managed to include this in his 3D CV shows how useful they can be compared to their traditional cousins.

9. The box of chocolates

box of chocolatespinterest

If you send out hundreds of applications without getting a response, you have to find clever ways to redesign your CV. This guy turned his into a box of chocolates with real chocolates inside. You will always be remembered if you just made the hiring managers day by giving them some chocolates to eat while they look at your skills and experience.

10. The cereal box

cereal boxbehance

This Canadian web and graphic designer was inspired while having breakfast. He created a cereal box CV with a colourful eye-catching personal logo on the front and put all the information about his skills and experience on the side of the box.

It might be time to get rid of your traditional 2D CV and create a cool creative 3D one instead to get all the attention you need from recruiters. If you want to keep up with this competitive and crazy world of jobseekers trying to stand out in the job market, you need to start thinking outside of the box.

Would you ever create a 3D CV? If so, which idea interests you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


This article was originally published in July 2015.