13 Creative Video Résumé Examples to Bag Your Dream Job

Going the extra mile is what employers like to see these days, and creating a video résumé might be just the thing to bag you the job.

Video résumé

In today’s highly competitive job market, the standard boring résumé and cover letter are just not going to cut you landing your dream job. A video résumé, like everything in cyberspace, is what will make you stand out from the crowd and put you one step closer to your ideal career. Get it wrong though, and you will be the laughing stock for years to come.

Creating a video résumé that is funny and attentive can be tricky; you will need to ensure it’s engaging, sufficiently represents your talents, work experience, and your personality. Some employers love them, others think they are a cheap gimmick.

Of course, video résumés are not suitable for all careers; the corporate world is not something that requires this kind of creativity….yet! Here are the top examples floating around on the internet for some of the major industries - you will definitely be inspired to create your own:

1. Music

Theo Ramsey has managed to create a personable and interesting presentation of himself. He combines many elements including still photography, music and recorded interviews. The video also adds that special touch as you really get to know what his talents truly are - there is no hiding it here! Although it’s not recommended to list references on a written résumé, when done carefully like Ramsey has, it can add credibility to a video.

2. Gaming

Erin Vondrak was dying to work for the video game company Valve, so she created an animated video with a quirky song to accompany it. It’s smart, funny, very memorable, and reflects the laid back attitude of most gamers and developers. This video is a true example of her talents, and her passion for the company itself. She admits that she didn’t intend for this to be serious but created the video while she was waiting to hear back from the company. Although she didn't get the job, it certainly got a lot of online attention!

3. Public relations

The internet sensation, Graeme Anthony, created a self-promoted video which is just an introduction that links to other videos featured in this series: about me, skills, portfolio, timeline, and contact. He demonstrates how creative you can actually get with video by adding a few simple links. He doesn’t have many special effects, it’s purely just a confident guy, honestly talking to a camera which works well when done like this.

4. Teacher

After watching this video résumé, I want Angelica as my teacher! Her personality simply shines through in this easy to watch video. Her passion for teaching children is truly evident and you can also see what her speaking skills are like, which is very important when applying for this kind of position.

5. Videographer 

Thomas Langfield has mastered the art of keeping his video short and sweet. He’s created his own personal teaser trailer; allowing for employers to contact him to find out more about his personal experiences. His short blooper at the end is a clever way to show off his personality (and that he doesn’t take himself too seriously).

6. Marketing Specialist

Alec Biedrzycki is an utter genius! This original, ‘Hire Me’ song is pure marketing gold. It shows his creative ‘out of the box’ thinking, and, highlights his great sense of humour in the accompanying video. I could literally watch this on repeat! This is an example of how you become an overnight internet sensation. Alec successfully bagged himself a job at Hubspot shortly after.

7. Software Developer

Nick Belling oozes knowledge and confidence in his lengthy video résumé. It’s informative, entertaining, and demonstrates a variety of industry-specific computer skills. He talks about his background, education, experience, and even mentions some key achievements he’s accomplished out in the real world; everything you’d include on a traditional résumé, but with fun animation and humour. I also love the cameo with his nan! He was contacted within three days by the company that eventually hired him.

8. Web Developer

Laura’s short but precise video is similar to Nick Belling’s. She comes across as fun, well-informed and down to earth. Definitely, someone that you would want to have as part of your team. Laura snapped up a job shortly after posting this video online.

9. Graphic Designer

Graphic designer Wenzhu Wei effectively uses his design skills to showcase his work experience and personal history. This short video is way more effective than a still portfolio of work as it showcases his creative ideas and capabilities.

10. Translator

Although Cristina does not verbally say anything in this video; she manages to tell her story and share her personality through writing on a chalkboard. The carefully thought-through background music complements her graphics seamlessly. This is a perfect example for those that don’t feel confident speaking in front of the camera.

11. Social Media

Mary Patterson manages to convince you that you need a social media specialist and that she is the person to call in this informative digital graphic résumé. Although a tad on the long side, this professional video is engaging and has a good choice of accompanying music.

12. Film-making

Corey Saldana uses more of a ‘reel’ style for his video résumé by stringing together clips from his previous projects. Unlike other video résumés where the candidate merely lists out their skills directly into the camera, Corey’s video is clever in that it first provides a quick summary of his past work experience and abilities; then offers proof with samples of the work. This is a simple model that anyone can follow and that employers will love.

13. Anything Goes

This light and funny résumé video is suitable for most job roles. It tells the sad story of a man who has been a workaholic since childhood. It showcases his light-hearted personality – who wouldn’t want that great sense of humour in the office?


A video résumé is not for everyone, so don’t worry if you feel like this is completely out of your comfort zone. However, when it does work, you can have a lot of fun chasing your dream job. The video doesn’t have to be funny, cute or include cinema worthy f/x to be memorable. Occasionally, simply looking into the camera and letting your real-self shine through is all you need. 

For candidates who lack the all-important work history that employees now seek, you now have a platform to show your future employer why they should hire you over those candidates with the relevant experience. Think of your video résumé as an opportunity to show those elements of your personality that would not come across on your print version. Most importantly, have fun and make yourself and your skills stand out.

Have you ever made a video résumé that bagged you a job? Leave a comment in the section below…